Questions about choosing a VESC6

Hello Everyone

I have been doing some research lately but can’t seem to fixate on the driver yet for my project. I know my requirements mostly, it would be of great help to me and my project if you could help me with this.

I am going to be running an ODrive 6374 motor. The characteristics of the motor are as follows Rated Voltage - 48V (I will be running it at 24V due to constraints out my control) Max Torque - 3.86Nm Max Current - 70 Amps KV - 150

With what I have read about VESCs till now, the following characteristics are what I’m looking for. i) VESC6 as precision and accuracy are a requirement of the project and I don’t have any good experience with the V4 ii) Single Channel for sure iii) Will be run at 6S iv) Able to handle continuous currents of 100-150A. This project will be updated later for higher current motors and I won’t be able to change the drivers then. Plus I figure the buffer is good?

I am willing to shell out 200-225 USD max. I would prefer spending more and getting quality and from reputable companies rather than spending less now and having to pay more later. I had looked into the Maytech SuperFOC 50V 200A but it seemed a bit overkill because of the 200A rating?

What all options should I consider? I don’t know what companies are good and which models are good so any help would be appreciated

Thanks a lot