Questions about connectors

Hi All!

My order from Enertion is partially shipped!!

I can’t wait to get building, but there are a few things I still don’t fully understand.

My parts list: -Enertion dual drive train -Pro-4 -Enertion remote -(2) VESC

What isn’t clear to me is the connections between these parts. Please see my attached diagram. Can anyone help me understand what is included / not included from Enertion? What “ancillary” parts will I need in order to complete this build?


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Are the VESCs enertion as well? If so they come with xt60 plus which the pro 4 also comes with. The motor side is bare so you’ll need to solder on 4mm or 5.5mm female bullet connectors assuming that’s what your motors have.

Yes, Enertion VESCs.

It looks like Enertion motors come with 5.5m bullet connectors. So I should be set there.

My question is, how do I split power between the 2 VESCs? It looks like the Enertion battery only has 1 xt60 connector. How do I power the other VESC?

I ordered the same parts. Female bullet connectors are included, but my question, do I need/solder/buy a XT60 Y-Adapter to connect the VESCs to the Space Cell or is something included?

You’ll need to solder on receivers for your VESCs as the motor connections come bare.

Do you have a link to instructions, parts, or diagrams on soldering the receivers to the VESCs?

Many thanks!

Tons of videos on the topic!