Questions about first build


I’m new to the esk8 thing and need some help. I was planning to make a build with Alien 6374 200KV Sensored motor [16/36] and Alien 12S3P pack, can anyone say that if these parts are compatible and what range, top speed and torque would I get?


that is really helpful tool to check estimated final parameters

according to my experience with alien seller those parts should be compatible, but they said to me that they “recommend to use 10s battery pack, but if you would like to use 12s confugiration then it SHOULD BE ok”

Would not recommend using 12s with that motor and gearing, with 83mm wheels you’ll hit over 60km/h top speed. Unless of course you feel the need for those kinds of speeds :wink:

Range I would guess ends up at around 20km depending on how hard you ride.

good point so far I can tell you one thing, my mountainboard is able to do 45km/h but this is way too fast to be honest, my top speed reached so far, according to gps was 33km/h…scary enough :stuck_out_tongue:

so I think that you need to consider using smaller battery pack (like 8s for example) or changing gear ratio, because going over 50km/h will not be fun, I am almost sure about that

and range is most “estimated” parameter in my opinion, it depends on so many things that basically, you will see it when your builds will be finished :slight_smile:

So are you saying I could get 60kmph with a single motor? If I would, would changing the gears to 14/40 normalize the top speed and have a great torque for climbing?

Unless you’ve already ordered all the parts, I’d recommend using a 170kv motor, then you’ll end up at around 50kph on 15/36 and around 45kph on 14/36 gearing. You’ll get better torque and more manageable speeds.

But yes, 14/40 would normalize it somewhat, though from what I’ve read, a 40 tooth motor gear on 80-83 mm wheels is slightly to big to be optimal, may run into ground clearance issues. But I’m not sure if it’s really a big problem in practice.