Questions about recycled 18650 cells

I recycled 18650 cells from notebook battery, I’d like to know:

  • Can I clean the cells with water due to the glue? If not what can I use?
  • Which is the voltage that means that the cell is dead?
  • How can I get the amps from each cell?

thanks! :smiley:

don’t use laptop cells (if you are not building an 8P or 10P battery).

Why? However can U replay to the question?

current capabilities are too bad. You will damage the cells, they will overheat and in worst case start a fire.

cleaning should be done with something nonpolar like isopropanol. Cells should not go below 2.5V.

what do you mean by amps? current or amphours? you could try to find the data sheet online or do discharge tests.