Questions about the R-Spec Drive Kit

Hello all, I am making my next built and I’m looking at the R-Spec Drive kit, and I cannot find any specifications telling me the KV on it. I am trying to input the motor KV + the 1:1 wheel ratio into a maximum speed calculator. Does anyone know the KV on this kit, it’s the one on enertions website.

I’d be running this build with that kit if the KV is high enough, as well as an FOC unity & a tb 12s4p battery with the Samsung 30s.

Thank you all!

Search function… use it… :slight_smile:

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Ohhh okay! In that case I’ll go belt driven, do you know if any motors besides the SK3s that have a KV of 190 or above?

That are as reliable as the sk3s and in the same price range (no more than 120 per motor)

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why? i dont understand


Does anyone know about the alien power system motors and would you recommend me going with either ones of the following:

Because I want to go 40 mph +

yeah and the raptor hubs can do theoretically 45mph at 12s.

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Yes I know, but I want the weighted speed to be at least 40, and I can do that with 110mm wheels, and a belt driven system, I just don’t know what motors to choose

its not as easy as you think to hit 40mph… most people have to go 4wd

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Not to mention the time and space to get there.

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and the skill…


That’s true, but I have a bike trail behind my house that has fresh payment and is alWays empty.

doesn’t matter you will need a lot of power and a huge bank

its kinda a trade off of low versus high kV, too high of a kV and you might not have enough torque to get up to speed and too low of a kV and you don’t have enough top speed

so my recommendation would be 4wd and high kV

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Okay perfect! Thank you

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I’ve been over 40 many times with my dual motor set up.

Here it is 12s4p 30q Dual 6374 190kv TB 32t wheel pulley 16t motor pulley 107mm wheels

Top speed was 44mph on the radar gun so it was accurate.

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You may think you want to go 40mph until you break some bones from falling of your board going only 23mph.

I am now comfortable at going 34mph. I don’t want to go faster because I know the eventual fall will hurt badly. Of course I now ride with armor and would probably be safe or safer from breaking anything now.

Also if you plan on doing this anyway dont forget the protective gear and you better know the trail you’re taking by heart.

From experience, I’ll take torque over speed any time as long as it can go at least 30mph. Hell I’ll take 25 even probably if it’s on at air tires. I’ll find out soon.


The bigger problem is skill, with the best of setups calibrated you can only hit 30mph tops without major issues. also the wind feels like your pushing against a invisible wall

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