Questions for the electric skateboard Community

Hello everyone!

I know the whole inboard M1 company is a complete failure in terms of electric skateboards, they had shitty batteries and went out of business pretty quick. I also know there is a small community of people who, like me, loves their board and really doesnt want it collecting dust.

I have started prototyping some designs for a new battery enclosure that fits inside the Inboard M1 and offers 1 - 2 thirds longer distance and wanted to get some feedback on if any of you guys would be interested in me building more of these enclosures or ‘build kits’.

I have also worked quite hard at understanding hub motors; replacing/fixing them, if this would be something of interest too please say.

So my questions are…

  1. If a service like this existed would you use it?
  2. what price would you be willing to pay for each product provided?
  3. what requirements would the product have to forfill for it to be interesting for you.

Outside of the inboard M1 community

I want to ask if, since some big electric skateboard companies have gone out of business, is this a problem you face aswell. Is there a need for some third party to offer repairs on electric skateboards? Is the battery normally the main issue? Is your skateboard just collecting dust at home because of some slight issue that you cant fix?

If you want to give me real feedback on what you would like please send me an email at: [email protected]


That’s pretty cool that you can fix hub motors! My Backfire G2 lay dormant for nearly 2 years, cuz I didn’t know how to fix it. I ended up upgrading the battery/charger, got a g2s remote and esc from backfire, and somehow put it together! But it was nerve racking, cuz I have never been a tinkerer & could have used a service like this. Specifically in the NYC, to keep me on the road! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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