Questions On Evolve GT and Psychotiller Wheels

I been looking for smaller pneumatics for my Evolve GT Does anyone know if these: are compatible? What do parts do you need to get them working on the GT?

Are there other recommendation on pneumatics?


Just need to call for the dingo dangle…


Lool @Cobber

6shooters will have 22mm bearings, which are easy to fit standard skate 22mm x 8mm bearings.

evolve’s boards run 9.5mm axles?

No they won’t I was asking about that the sixshooters fit regular skate trucks while evolve uses like @cwazy1 said I think like 9.5mm

Pulled the trigger over the blackfriday weekend. Had to fiddle with the drive gears but sixshooters fit just fine on the trucks

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Really what bearings did you use

@Ixf can u link them

Standard bearings, Bones Red Race. The six shooters comes in multisize now. Head over to his site and check it out :slight_smile:

I have always run standard 608 bearings in my sixshooters. The only exception is when we put them on 10mm axle surfrodz. (10 x 22)

Let’s hear the feedback on how they ride!

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So the evolve AT kit won’t fit regular trucks? Was considering it for my build :frowning:

Love them on Evolve. Lower center of gravity and ability to push is awesome. I was running 40T so it was basically GT mode only and bye bye any form of range.

Now… waiting for the evolution to complete


You have to lathe or remove some of the material on caliber 2 hangers before being able to use them with the evolve wheels and pulleys.

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The tires will fit normal trucks, the drive gears though… Evolve AT gears are weird… they have 2 steps and don’t bolt on. The gears have their own larger bearings that fit the evolve trucks on top of the set of bearings the tires have (standard). Will get pictures later when I get home. Not sure how they will play with standard DIY trucks.

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Dang, you’re running 40T with the 6shooters? thats some insane speed…

Theoretical insane top speed which will never be reached with the stock evolve setup

I heard @psychotiller 's wheels will make you fat, cause erectile disfunction, and give your mom rabies.

just sayin. might be worth reading some reviews. But they ride really well and and are pretty awesome.


If you were not going for an all out speed build, could I ask why you went for the 40T instead of the 60T?

idk about ED, but it certainly makes my balls bigger when riding faster over rough pavement.

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I was only testing out the tires. With the belts I had laying around i got 40T to work and not 60T to work on my Evolve BGT. If they were to stay on my BGT I’d shop around for belts that would work with the setup.