Questions on my first electric skateboard build

Hey guys, this is my first electric skateboard build so I have a ton of questions. Here is a list of the parts that I kinda put together but I am open to changing anything on this list.

wheels - MBS All-Terrain ($70) bearings - Bones Red ($20) trucks - [Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks] ($40) Hardware mounting kit - ($7) single motor - Hobbysky 6384 170kv ($90) motor mount kit (front facing) - motor mount kit from torque boards ($107) battery - Mboards 10s2p ($225) Vesc or ESC - Hobbysky 36V ESC with remote ($67) Enclosure - mboards ($35 + $40) board - Landyachtz Dinghy ($50) total - (about $(700))

So, my questions -

  1. First of all, are all these parts compatible with each others
  2. Is the hobbysky ESC good? another option is the mboards single motor esc with remote. if not is there a better esc for about the same amount or should I just get a vesc?
  3. Is there anything that I can replace to make this build better for the same price or cheaper for the same quality
  4. Am I missing anything. I put everything I though I needed to make a complete electric skateboard so if I’m missing something its probably because I hadn’t though of it. An example would be extra wires or screws but I don’t think I need any because they are all included.
  5. about how fast and how far will this board go.

That esc will work but I would recommend a vesc but that will be a little bit more (and you’ll have to get a remote also which will be a little more) but it’s worth it imo. The dinghy is really small so make sure the enclosure will fit, I would also recommend a bigger deck for the sake of stability (but if portability is what you’re going for this might still be a good option) use this calculator to figure out speed. Also read this thread


Dis :arrow_up: and don’t get mboards, he’s not legit. Get a cheap Flipsy vesc, decent @JLabs @psychotiller @longhairedboy motor, cheap mini remote and you’re good to go Remember that MBS pulley is a bit different than Abec pulley and clone pulley


Or get a torque boards motor since he’s gonna get the drive kit from him and that way he saves on shipping. Also imagine a dinghy with 100 mm wheels that would be a little crazy looking.

Thank you for replying guys. Gotcha so where can I get a good 10s battery and also is putting 80mm or 85mm 77a wheels a better idea for the dinghy or I can do the mbs wheels with a drop through longboard deck.

and also should I get the vesc an from torque boards as well and is using a vesc a lot more/or any more work any a esc?

I’ve got a dinghy but I’ve never got round to motorising it because it’s pretty compact. (and I’m 6ft6) Have you taken a look at Buildkitboards Tayto? Good enclosure options and if you do a search on the forum you can find a bit of inspiration.

I’m currently using a FlipSky vesc and I’ve been pretty happy with it so far