Questions regarding motor amps and "Max Current Ramp Step" and a lot more

After my first diy board with no issues so far regarding the build I still don’t know the answer: does battery max continuous amps divided by 2 (2WD) equal the amount of amps the motor gets? I’ve read that’s a bit more complex than this.

Also, my other question is what’s a safe value for Max Current Ramp Step, I’ve read it here that someone used .08 (the base value for him was .04 but for my vesc (4.20dual) the base value is .02 Can I also push it to 0.08 safely? Is there any way to monitor this while testing values? It’s a flipsky product so it might burn down on its own, idk.

Is there a way to log real time vesc data on a android device using the flipsky Bluetooth module? The vesc app works perfectly but I couldn’t get the “esc monitor” and “vesc monitor” apps to work.

Also what are safe values for: Current control ramp step max Duty ramp step max Current backoff gain BEMF coupling

What can you change and what does PID controllers do?

Can I set max ERPM full brake higher than the base value? (300)


you should join the actual VESC forums.