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Questions regarding my first build

Hello everyone,
Im new to the forum but im intrested in building my first electric skateboard. Ive done some research and i just want to verify everything will work out before a spend any money.
My ideal set up would be a rear dual drive with top speeds of 20mph and a range of 8+ miles.
But for simplicity for my first build i decided to stick with a single motor but would like to keep the option open to later on adding a second motor thus i choose a smaller size motor.
This is my part list so far
(I have miscellaneous parts such as the belt and a motor mount that should work)
Motor: kd 53-20 brushless outrunner 195kv

Batteries: 2x Zippy 2200mah 4s 25C (i want to use two 4s batteries for more range rather than a single 6s or two 3s) not sure if it works like that

ESC: hobbywing Quicrun-WP-8BL150 Waterproof ESC 1/8 Car SCT Monster Controls

Caliber trucks and 83mm wheels

Please let me know if you see any issues or improvements on this build. I wish to obtain a 20mph top speed a 8+mile range and really wont be tackling any large hills mostly just flat bumpy paved roads. Also im about 150 pounds and 6 foot

The motor you selected is only rated for 6s, and it’s on the smaller size…

I’d look at the turnigy sk3 63mm motors for a single motor setup.

The esc is also not 8s ready. I’d look into the VESC, one of castle creation’s 8s esc’s, or torqueboard’s esc.

i second what @cmatson said. i ordered this same esc with hop[ping to pair it with the space cell and r spec. this was before i knew anything and realized that the esc is only rates for 6s. i still have the esc so if you still whant to purchase it i can sell it to you for 80$

Good luck with your build, Hans

6S ESC w/ 6S LiPo should get you about 20-23mph with a higher KV motor. For the most part that’s all you really need if you are only trying to climb 15% inclines.

If you want to climb higher inclines then a dual motor setup is ideal. If you are completely flat ground a single motor setup is your best bet.

Thank you for your feedback. I foolishly assumed that getting two 4s batterys would give me better battery life. If i got this motor,

Would i be able to possibly fit another motor incase i wanted to add another one down the road. Also that motor seems to be rated for a 10~12S so would that mean i would have to get two 6s batteries? Thanks for your patience

Thank you for the feedback! How long would you say the battery life would be with a 6s or two 3s batteries?

Thank you ill consider your offer once i decide my final materials

8S will give you more watt hours which is a bigger battery. You’ll get more power + more range (depending).

That motor will handle 10-12S and you can always upgrade in the future to 12S. Just make sure the ESC is capable.

Battery life is about 100-200 cycles or so… Sometimes longer depending on how you take care of it. I usually only charge to 4.15v and discharge to 3.8-3.6v.

HobbyKing typically has a sale once or twice a year for cheap RC LiPo packs that are 50% savings.

Do you think i would get enough range from a 6s?

You need to define what you think in is "enough "
My 6S 5000 does 8 miles on a charge.
I rarely skate more than 8 miles. But then there’s my 8000…

I described my ideal range to be about 8 miles so you have answer my question. Thank you
Is your 8000 a 8s or a 6s?

The 8000 is a 6S and it gets me about 22km. Or 13 and a half miles.

Thats perfect! So this battery would would fine with the esc above correct?

Now the only problem seems to he that i can not find a motor that is 63mm and rated for a 6s (all of them seem to be rated for a 10s) Any suggestions?

you could use that one. personally I prefer to use two 3S in series for the slim factor.

like this:

and you can use a 10S rated motor with 6S no problem.

I don’t think you need to worry about the voltage rating of a motor. It just tells you how high you can go. You can perfectly use a motor rated for 10s at 6s.
The kv value (revs per volt) will tell you the max rpm at your voltage.
The motor you linked above will work perfectly.