Questions with first build

Hello everyone!

I am Patrik from Sweden. I am in the process of buying all components for my diy eboard. Since this is my first build I am glad to have found this forum to search and ask some questions.

  1. Pneumatic or urethane? I will order my motor mount from and he got a nice price on pneumatic wheels. Only 30£ more for a complete wheelset. This will actually be cheaper for me as I need to buy flywheels for about 100$ including shipping to Sweden.

I live in a quite big city and the roads here is in very good condition so no need to go for pneumatic because of poor road conditions.

So what is more fun, pneumatic or urethane?

  1. 6s or 8s? The city I live in is absolutely flat and I don’t think we even have a single hill. Therefore I don’t need a lot of tourqe, I am more interested in getting good top speed. A 6s build will be significantly cheaper. Was thinking of getting the sk3 260kv motor. What speeds do you think I could get?

  2. External charging? I have seen boards where you plug the charger straight in to the enclosure. How do I do that?

I’m sure I have a lot more questions later but this is what I thought about for now. Please share your knowledge. Thank you!

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Only buy pneumatic if you have bad roads or want to ride across grass or rocks & off-road.

The pneumatic wheels will reduce the range of your battery by 15-20% they also tend to make the board heavier & more bulky.

Also, i found that depending what wheel i had it also alters what style/shape of deck i want to ride with. If you go pnuematics you do have a higher rideing height & more ground clearance so you can choose a deck with a big drop down, also it must have large cutouts.

if you go normal urethane wheels you have way more deck choices, but much less ground clearance so drop decks are not good…

the pros of urethane are:

  1. better range
  2. more responsive handling
  3. lighter build
  4. less bulky
  5. more deck shape choices
  6. more wheel choices
  7. no punctures
  8. you can actually get fairly large urethane wheel. so if the road is not perfect the bigger size 90mm+ are nice.

The battery type for electric skateboards that has a simple one-plug charging option is generally a battery that has a built-in BMS.

Your best options options for a pre-built electric skateboard battery are.

  1. The Enertion space cell
  2. OR; Alien power system has a very similar style to the space cell. But its lower voltage & uses LIPO chemistry which has much shorter life expectancy (maybe just 200 cycles) and is prone to individual cells falling out of balance and getting puffy if over discharged/charged etc.

For electric skateboards the 18650 form factor (as used in the SPACE Cell) is a superior option in nearly every way.

Pneumatic wheels are suited for adventure riding and off road riding in dirt and mountain bike tracks. In the city you cant beat urethane.


Hi Patrik i was wondering if you had finished your board? I was looking for a fellow Swede that was in the making ofta building an esk8, and i was Wonder if i could ask a couple of questions.