Questios for FOC Setup

I’m currently running an sk3 5055 280kv with 2 3cell 4000mah lipos in series (soon to be 2 4cells in series if that makes a difference), on a gearing ratio of 2.25. I mainly want foc for the quietness and a little bit more torque but the more torque will mainly be accomplished when I get higher cell batteries. Ive never used foc before and would prefer to not blow my vesc so I’m curious on what settings I should use and possibly where to start, thanks.

I’ve been searching around myself and doing a bunch of reading. There is enough info on this forum to learn it. I just search “foc setup” when I want to read up. I’m in no rush because I need to order some jst adapters to make mine work and things run good now.

This came up first in the search and there are many more.

Michaelinvegas did a FaceTime call with someone for setting up foc on the vesc-x

I try to search for similar setups to mine. Best of luck.

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