Quick charge unit as a portable power bank for charging on busses?

theoretically** would this work safely?

No cause that’s a jumpstarter it’s meant to push out high amps for split seconds to start cars not charge them, also cars use a 12v system so not compatible with our 40v+ systems.

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thanks for your reply. But on that add it says it has the 9v 2amp charging and 5v 2.4a charging. theoretically wouldnt that work? obviously im not going to try and jumpstart my board :rofl: i didnt think i had to be soo specific. but all in all i meant what i mentioned above forr its sole use

But you need to charge your board to say 42v for a 10s setup

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yea that is a good point. i guess 9 volts isnt rly enough of charge to help much. ok

I made a powerbank out of my old 4S2P lipo, to charge my 42V 10S4P esk8. IMG_20181102_131100 IMG_20181102_130931 IMG_20181101_221903

You can buy a 6S battery and the module, it pumps your voltage up to max 50V I think. You can also adjust the max current. At 42V I should suggest max 3A because otherwise the module will become hot as fck.

So don’t do it what I did in the last picture as you can see on the A-meter (4.7A)


this is fantastic! i am going to make this!!! cheers my dude

Dude made a portable adjustable charger power supply have been researching since I found it but maybe it can bring an idea since it doesn’t have to be plugged to an outlet to be used u can use the lipo idea or a solar panel to power the charger then charge ur board. Just a thought anyone let me know if im wrong since im not very tech savvy

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the solar panels are quite cumbersome. and would need to be large enough to produce what you need. im quoting someone else. i know nothing of these things.

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Instead of carrying a bunch of stuff id prefer an add on battery pack similar to the boards. People have done crazy stuff with solar though. Costs as much as another board and 4 times another battery though.