Quick feedback on this 3d printed enclosure

Screenshot%20(231)Screenshot%20(283) Here’s an enclosure for a 10s3p pack I’m working on. my current enclosure (also 3d printed) is held to my board with some metal strips and I was going to try and avoid that, although I’m not sure if I can, at least in the long term. what do u guys think about this one? all walls are a quarter inch or more thick. in the pic, the other half is just like the one with the screw holes, just havent caded it yet

looks pretty good, in fact similar to my original design idea. Try to rounden the edges out a little bit. it makes it just that little bit prettier :blush: original: Screenshot_20180301-230932 final: 20180802_205453 20180326_204005

ya I’ll add fillets when I’m done, just roughing it out for now. heres a few pics of the ones I have right now


yeah that looks heaps good just beware that these: Screenshot_20180808-142547_Chrome break off really easily if you print it vertically. The other thing is if you print it horizontally you’ll need support so it won’t fit

well I’ve had those 2 enclosures on my board for a year and that little piece has never given me any issues, surprisingly. there’s a door that mounts on the other side and is secured with a pin through that little piece.

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sweet, looks good then my friend!

in the last photo is there a base that’s going to be printed as well? (like is there plastic between the deck and battery?)

the last photo of the 1st or 2nd set?


oh, ya that was part of the design initially, just to add more structural rigidity because there was no bracing in that direction besides the back of the enclosure but once it was printed it turned out to just be annoying when exchanging the batteries so I cut it off

yeah good call, you’ve always got the deck there to do that job. Make sure to use some sort of Padding for your parts too

yup I’ve been using 8th inch foam and that seems to work pretty well

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