Quick question about lipos in a balance board or a BMS

So here’s my quick "hey ya or no " question. I’m doing my first esk8 build and I’m hooking up 2 (4s) lipos in series. I have a balance charger and a balance board to recharge them. I was just gonna unhook them from their series connector and plug them in the balance board and plug that in to my charger. Which is just a regular b6ac charger you see everywhere. However I’ve been reading and watching videos about using a BMS which sounds like a better option since it includes a charging port. But, I’ve already gotten the other 2 things. And I’m not sure my charger comes with the port needed for the BMS port. Now I’m assuming I can’t use both but even if I did it would just be redundant. Am I assuming that wrong? Can I use both? Is that just gonna be dumb? I don’t mind pulling my lipos and plugging them to a balance board.

I’m not 100% sure what your questions is, but i’ll try to answer help you anyway.

Generally, if you are going to use a BMS you probably want to wire it up so its permanently attached and inside the enclosure/board so you just have a DC charge port mounted neatly on your battery enclosure.

What charger do you have, did it come with a matching charging port?

Also, maybe a video like this might help get you going:

well basically i’m wondering if a BMS will be redundant if I’m already using a balance board on a lipo charger/balancer. I’m using the LiPro balance charger. and if I still should use a BMS is it just to add a charging port permanently? I see a lot of diagrams for Lipo batteries that don’t even include a BMS unless their board is using an 18650 battery. And when i asked about my charger coming with the port needed, I meant to a BMS. because they need that special DC port like you would for a computer. but this is my charger: https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Professional-Battery-Balance-Discharger/dp/B0722NGPBS/ref=sxin_5_ac_d_pm?ac_md=3-1-QmV0d2VlbiAkNDAgYW5kICQxMDA%3D-ac_d_pm&cv_ct_cx=lipo+charger&dchild=1&keywords=lipo+charger&pd_rd_i=B0722NGPBS&pd_rd_r=eb17fa85-1028-41e9-bc57-d4fa8de09c8f&pd_rd_w=mum1o&pd_rd_wg=4Zt6R&pf_rd_p=516e6e17-ed95-417b-b7a4-ad2c7b9cbae3&pf_rd_r=HD059JT7S43EM7G380AG&psc=1&qid=1585896056&sr=1-2-22d05c05-1231-4126-b7c4-3e7a9c0027d0

Rc plane people and other rc people don’t use bms but eskate people often do. I prefer to balance off the board like rc people with a “balance discharger”. It comes down to what u want to do. A bms isn’t a guarantee of safety and many are cheap and break.

@Ces357 you don’t need bms if you have balance charger and don’t mind taking your lipos out of enclosure and charging them with that charger.

But, you can use bms if you wish to leave everything in your enclosure, just plug in charger in your board and charge it. You will need 8s bms and 8s charger (33.6v). Standard sockets are 5.5x2.1mm or 5.5x2.5mm, but you can use whichever you want.

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ya, that makes sense. I suppose i’m already balance discharging it. I may just get a voltage alarm to plug in to my JST plug charge wires. I already have a voltage meter

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Thats awesome. perfect. thanks @Tinp123

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Li-Po don’t come with balance board. If you have a balance charger it would be perfect