Quick question about TB battery cutting out

I remember reading somewhere on this site about the torque boards bms not able to handle the amps or something… would this explain the cutoff i get when i full throttle? I didnt limit amps but kind vaguely remember to limit to 40 amps per motor? Maybe a link to the post, ive been trying to remember where I read this…thanks!!

They had something like a 30amp continuous and 80amp burst. That was the older ones anyway.


Once im home, il take a picture… I know one model had usb ports and my battery does not

Depends on when you purchased it. 12S4P is now 60a/150a BMS. 12S2P 30A/80A BMS. Typically, that’s never an issue though. You should probably contact our support team to explain your issue in more detail.

Bought it from another forum member @Mattmccrary8. 12s4p battery

I really want to run a full check on the connectors and everything… and find that post about limiting the dual 6374’s on the focboxes. I was just hoping for a quick answer while i sit at work :grimacing:

You will have to ask Matt about that pack. Batteries are very finicky and should be bought direct.

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