Quick Question, bought to many wrong things


I bought so many wrong things, and I do not want to make the same mistake with my motor.

Here my Part list:

Kegel Wheels

Caliber trucks + Mount

Pulley 15mm 36 - 15

Flipsky 4.12 VESC

10s4p Batterie

Can someone help me buy a motor? I’m located at Europe.

Not gona race anyone so that’s not my priority, its range :slight_smile:

Is this one a good option?

Thank you very much for your help.

That’s a good motor, will get you a decent speed and will have enough power

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Its not sensored.

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but it wont break like every other motor.


So, for smoother breaking, I should search for a sensored motor ?

Not essentially for smoother breaking but smooth start from full stop, from rolling backwards. In general sensored motors are the way to go.

All motors are basically magnets and copper wire theres really not to much difference between all of them except being sensored, senseless or having different oems.

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Also keep in mind those sk3 motors can size isn’t really 74mm as its supposed to be but 83mm

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those SK3 motors are fine. you could go sensored but it is not neccesary.

i’m kinda interested what "wrong"parts you bought though :face_with_monocle:

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You could fit some sensors yourself? I bought the Keda motors from Hobbyking and sensored them. I used bi-polar Honeywell SS411 hall sensors and two NTC 10k temp sensors that I recovered from an old laptop battery. They work well.

Well, simple mistakes you don’t think about, bought the wrong pulley system for the Kegels (some aluminium ones for the size of the wheels.

Bought a fitting wheel pulley for Kegels, now I had 3m and 5m mixed so my belts did not work anymore.

And a few wrong battery components :slight_smile: I’m doing this to learn stuff the hard way :slight_smile:

It’s already a DIY board and I would like to keep the “problems” as simple as possibel. It sounds cool that you are able to to it yourself but I’m sure thats another skilllevel. :wink:

I think i’m going to get a sensored one, sounds like the right thing to do. Do you guys have any sugsessions regarding brands, that I can buy in europe ? Like the alien:

I just saw that the shaft is 10mm, and I need 8mm :slight_smile:

All cars are basically the same too, motor, 4 wheels, brakes and such… the thing is that SK3’s in this community have been the best in terms of reliability.

Sensor vs sensorless is a different story. I have a board with sensorless motors and I live in an area with tons of hills. Shit isn’t a deal breaker. It will easily get him what he wants unless he is trying to do FOC or some such shit.

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Send them a mail they can do custom too. If you want those motors to be sealed just tell them they can do it.

This is a very good motor for a cheap price.

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What I’m saying is that sk3’s are reliable, and sensorless is just as smooth as sensored

@Voxu also if you didn’t know APS motors fail just like many other motors on the market.

That’s not true, some motors use thick copper wire which reduces the air gaps, some motors have curved magnets, also many motors don’t have high temp epoxy which causes the magnets to come loose.

I have a motor for you. With pulley and sensor wire 20190706_201529 65€

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