Quick Question for anyone with Focbox Unity & a Voltmeter.!

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to make a 4 wheel drive Board with 2 Focbox Unities. I think one of them is messed up.

Check it out, I have both of the Unities connected to the battery pack only. If I disconnect the Black negative power wire on each Focbox Unity, then put a multimeter inline, I get 2 very different readings.

One shows me the Battery pack voltage of about 48 volts, the other shows about 10 volts only.

The Focbox Unity that only shows 10 volts keeps shutting off after like 5 to 15 seconds with “Fault_Code_Drive”.

Can anyone put a Multimeter inline with a Focbox unity and tell me what the voltage reading is relative to the Battery Pack?

Also, Would be thrilled if anyone would like to take a stab at what is wrong with the low voltage drive. Other clue is that after 10 or 15 seconds, the Battery Charge shown on the “HUD” goes from like 48 volts to about 5 volts in like 2 seconds, then it shows a “FAULT_CODE_DRV” or a “FAULT_CODE_LOW_VOLTAGE”.

This is supposedly a new Focbox Unity, though I got it from a 3rd party as the months keep passing and I still haven’t got the Focbox I ordered from Enertion yet.

I don’t know about You guys, but it seems like there are a lot of defective Electric Skateboard parts being repacked and sold online. Its kind of disappointing.

I feel like there are factories out there who get a new product coming down the production line, but most of them don’t work. They just sell all of them anyway, and maybe 50% never come back for warranty or refund. Eventually, the factory earns enough money in this way to hire some one to come in and figure out what’s wrong with the product…KNOW WHAT I MEAN DAWG!?! HAHAA!