Quick recommendation on charger and charging port for a 10s4P battery

Will this charger suffice?


I want to make sure i have the right port, is it 2.1mm?

Is this correct?


yup the charger is dc 5.5x2.1

The ports are worded in reverse as but they seem to be the correct ones.

Thanks man. On another note, I decided to go with an 8S4P battery but I initially bought a BMS for a 10S4P with 10 cables for each series. Can I still use it without using the last two cables? I think it should be fine.

That depends on the BMS, some brands people have found it to work, others not. I would try to return it and get an 8s bms if I were in your position.

You will need to get a 8s charger instead of the 10s charger you linked though.