Quick switch question

Hello, does anyone know how I would wire this switch from my esc to a push button switch?

Just found the answer. Hopefully this will help:

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Will this swtch work.

It probably will. Just wire the 2 switch terminals (one of them is for the LED which you can ignore) across the same pins on the PCB that get linked when the ESC switch it turned on.

Same applies to the other original switch the OP linked, Just use the switched pins, ignore the LED pins

At a glance, it “looks” like the switch merely connects the red wire to the white wire when used. (and the programming button links the black wire to the white when pushed)

Put a meter across the existing switch pins to check.

Tell me if you need pictures/diagrams

Hi Roger,

Sry to dig this old thread up again… but could you please post a picture or diagram of how you did the actual wiring? I’ve got the very same setup with FVT 120A and the exact same swith. Of course, I’ve already tried myself, but must have made a mistake somewhere, because the ESC fan went on and the motor started beeping rapidly.

Thank you and best regards, Justin