Quick vesc help

Hello What is the included cable for? Its a 6 pin female To a different type of 6 pin male


Sounds like a adapter for hall sensor. Can you provide a picture?

It fits into the hall port or the program/debug port My hall sensors are open cables so i would need to know if i can simply unpin this connector or if i need it for something else than the hall bus

That is a hall sensor adapter cable for sure. You don’t need it if the hall sensor cables fit right on the VESC hall bus. Actually, I need a cable like that so if you’re putting it on a shelf somewhere, I can buy it from you.

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I need the connector for my hall sensors Im sorry But thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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I have two of those I don’t need

Can I buy one when I deliver your wheels? :slight_smile:

You can have it for free

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