Quietest Esk8 Setup

I’ve been riding Carvons v2.5 single at 12s on FOC and it’s been silky quiet.

What can compare?


Foc, that’s quiet! You just need some narrower trucks for your Back to the Future hoverboard, to hide those super focing quiet hubs and people will probably think you have an actual hoverboard. It will blow their minds.

I’m still waiting for the video of you all dressed up like Michael J. Fox, riding around Vegas and skitching free rides on the back of people’s cars…


Nothing beats hubs on FOC for quiet.

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Lol @Mobutusan

I’ll be the Asian version…McFry lol

Yes… but there are other hubs in the market…are Carvons the quietest???

A hub motor w interference fitted bearings so no rattle on foc. I’ll make a sound video when I get a new charger in two days

How about Carvon v3 at 12s on FOC? :wink:

I have never ridden carvons. But of the hubs I have ridden jacobs were quietest.

So…Which is quiter? High KV or Low KV hubs?

I really dont know? I think jacobs were quite a low kv? 70? I dont know. There really wasnt many hard specs available was there?

I think the number of poles might be more important than the kv. Jacob’s have 28 and a SK3 (which is what Carvon is modifying AFAIK) has 14. This could result in a smoother rotation and might be quieter. But this is just guessing. In the end they will both be very quiet as long as you use FOC instead of BLDC mode.

“How about Carvon v3 at 12s on FOC? :wink:

And on 8" pneumatic street tires?

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What is a good FOC VESC setup for a 6374 single on 6s?

My personal FOC boards with pneumatics are quieter. Just sayin’

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Lol even with belts?

Yup! @mccloed’s is that quiet too

Video please

OK. I’ll try to do it tomorrow after work.

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We tried @mccloed stary board, that don’t count since it has gears in wheel. Inboard’s is loud, sounds geared.

A Carvon with pneumatics would be quiet but haven’t seen one…

Seen @lowGuido video on Jacobs hubs…I can’t think if I have seen a hummie hub in action…don’t think I’ve seen a maytech hub in action either

Mccloed has like 15 boards…Two of them are pneumatics. One of them Hubs, Several thanes, Several belted, a couple are FOC. I was speaking of his 10s foc pneumatic rig.

The Stary sucks in almost every way.