Quinny Longboard Stroller > electric?

Just stumped for one of these, for getting my little man (16 mnths old, almost 11kg) around town: http://www.quinny.com/longboardstroller/

He loves riding under my legs in the park, so figure this is a good way to get him used to the idea of a board while he grows up…

I reckon you could put electrics under that seat???

I set the challenge back in September last year, so far no one has stepped up.


if I can get it past my wife, I’m going to try to do it.

I’ll even make her watch me edit the ESC settings to limit speed to something sensible so she knows it’s not gonna hurt her baby :wink:

They’ve put a handbrake on the handle (so rules that wheel out for a DD), but other than that, looks like it’s a standard Abec hub motor adapter setup, probably with a beefier motor to handle the extra weight.

That’s because the fellas on this forum are SMART! No one wants to be the parent that crashed with their kid on a motorized longboard. “But my VESC rebooted because of a DRV failure” doesn’t mean shit to an angry mom/partner!

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That looks a bit dangerous to me. I ride pushing my kid in a stroller. You obviously can’t go as fast as you usually would and even with large wheels, small rocks can still stop you. Your visibility isn’t as good either. Since my stroller isn’t connected, I just run/walk it out if I hit something. This one seems like you’ll just fall head over your kid.

Wife would not like that.

Agreed :wink: So thinking is literally to limit to a little over walking / jogging speed, so you can’t go any faster even if you tried. Basically - it would be walking / jogging without having to push.

But then again, when it arrives in a few weeks, it may just not be that feasible, and the wife might get really upset, so we’ll see :wink:

Also if it’s down to cashflow for a build for me or for the stroller, then I’m building one for me… That negotiation still has to happen!

The danger I found is the slower speed along with decreased mobility and visibility. When going slower, you’re more likely to get stopped by smaller rocks and cracks. So a little bit of speed is safer so you can get over sidewalk ramp lips and bigger cracks. Remember that with a kid out front, you have more weight up there so you can’t lean back as much to take weight off your front foot to lessen the impact when you hit a crack or something.

Now if you can put some AT wheels on that thing, you’ll be in business!

Can you do something like this and mount it to the rear? It looks easier to do. I guess it’ll be hard to steer though, hmmm.

That’s where I started tbh. Want to see the size of the wheels they ship first. I’ve got some 113mm AT wheels which could work. But then if I can put on 107 Abecs then that could work too.

But yea, off-road wheels would be nicer for riding on the park trails near me…

:fearful: Might need a barge to steer that!!

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You know I have a stroller set up but minus the electric motor… My longboard is attached to the stroller which allows me to kick and push and steer the stroller…the only major issue I have is the wheel shake at higher speeds… The front wheels shake pretty violently if go jogging speed…that’s the only reason I haven’t attached a motor


Will do an unboxing :wink:

107’s would prob do the trick too. They can run over anything!

except brick walls

Great innovative Idea I ever seen. his one help me to drive my 1 years old son with me.

You can find here some others board Best Longboards

How about running big 107mm or AT wheels up front and 83mm wheels in back for a reverse rake setup. Should help to shift the weight/balance back a bit. The big wheels in front for running over everything while the smaller rear wheels give you better torque and lower speed from your drive system.

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Thanks! Got the wheels so gonna try that! Also means the kid is leaning back!

But is the small wheels board get risky speed? I knew that was not suitable for newbie riders. Rather big and little soft wheels are perfect for providing high stability.