Quitting building [WTS]


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Is the other forum not effective enough for quick sales?

It actually is

I’ll take the 25r battery!

The 10s1p and 10s2p are sold

Wow! That was quick. I was about to grab the batteries :weary:

I still have the one orange battery

Quick quiz. What is better than one sales platform?


One & a half

Yeah, this forum is the half, any chance you shipped the batt

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Ohh, sorry Karam been distracted lstely havent paid much attention to your battery. So sorry.

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Your good brotha

Bought a batt myself from @FranciscoV and 'am completely broke at this very moment. Need to goto UPS to check out those prices you mentioned before.

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I can pay, just give me a quote

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The $40 - $50 figure I gave you before was from FedEx. Perhaps you are right it maybe cheaper with UPS. The USPS definitely wont carry batts. Freaks them out.

Usps does for ground only

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Ok, I’m gonna take breakfast and shower and will go find nearest UPS to talk to the guys and see what they got

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You can use usps flat rate boxes for batteries. That’s how I send mine out. Fedex is too expensive and slower.


Yeah, but this is not a normal batt and we need to split them in six in order to send it. That makes it difficult.


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