R spec raptor drive kit 2.1 With 12S battery

Hi ! i am building my second build, i choose to go with some heavy duty stuff for this build, i want to use -12S4P samsung 30Q Battery from (with the enclosure) -focbox Unity from enertion -R spec drive kit 2.1 i can’t find someone who done this build or something similar, do you think its safe to run 12S Battery on those motor? what spec should i get ??

thanks you !

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Yes it is safe to run the raptor hubs on 12s. By spec do you mean battery size or something else? No one has made boards with this set up because they just came out and no one has them yet, I think they are shipping this week.

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spec i mean the speed , range ,sorry (: thanks for your quick response @dougpage




not so subtle flex :rofl:

If you end up using them make sure you make a note somewhere on here about temperatures, its always good to have more info

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alright ill make sure to do that but they seem a lot bigger in real life prob around the size of a 6374 wrapped in pu

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nice! I always knew they were thicc but I havnt seen them in person.

Maybe if I make it to a group ride this winter break someone will let me try their hubs

I’ve never been to a group ride but that’s prob because I live in nyc and the roads are shit ill do a hand comparson for you

IMG_20181218_163113 IMG_20181218_163056

oh keep in mind my hands are average


god damn :open_mouth:

makes the TB/MAD hubs look like Meepo hubs(in size)

yeah there actually bigger than my 6374


well congrats on getting some dope hardware that young, haha

prepare to be broke if you continue this hobby :joy:

It sounds silly but I would encourage someone to build a ‘crappy’ board as their first, and ride it for a month or two, figure out what you do and dont like, and then start fresh on a second board. Its what I did, and when I brought it to where I work, people thought that I had purchased a board from someone on the forums, it was a total transformation from my first.

Unless you have both a right and left hand… I was gifted with two left hands(metaphorically, of course)… so building isnt my stong suit

yeah sorry epss4, ill buzz off now :stuck_out_tongue:


one reason im trying to sell my tb mounts, i dont need them

sry for hijacking the thread

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WOOOW!! So nice man ! what set up do you use with those motor??

running them on my spud still gotta make a adapter for emIMG_20181218_163859


oh dont worry i started off on a diyeboard kit its horrible (the remote lag) i still have it build actually…

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Is that a spud ya?what battery you using?been tryna find one for my spud

i built it myself its just 10s3p 15 cells side by side


You gonna be a rocket man!! Awesome set up to! This power on this deck, OMG!!!

FYI 12S puts you at 45 mph.

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yeah… im going to do a ride test on brooklyn streets and hope i dont kill myself