R-spec & vesc bundle - only $199 - group buy discount



As some of you already know Enertion HQ is in Australia, So I normally keep stock of motors & vesc in the Enertion HQ warehouse in Australia then ship them 1000’s of km’s to each of my customers.

However, this is very inefficient and adds to the cost of the individual item! Also, means higher shipping charges & also for my loyal overseas customers often means really high import taxes!!

So over the last few months we have been working hard to try to optimize our supply chain and we are now very excited to announce we have now established distributors in Belgium & United States that can ship to our customers much faster & at lower prices.

So now we need to stock up the warehouses with enough stock to meet the growing worldwide demand for the notorious R-SPEC 6355 motors that are well loved by many builders of EsK8 worldwide. Check out all the user builds that are using the R-SPEC motor.

We have a large production order that’s just started with our factory and to help us work out the quantity we need to send to each country we would like to offer the hottest deal yet - Order your R-SPEC now at heavily reduced prices!!



Buy 2 - 4 and get extra 3% off Buy 5 - 10 and get extra 5% off Buy 11 - 20 and get extra 7% off Buy 21 - 30 and get extra 10% off

NOTE: This offer cannot be purchased with any other items from our store except VESC


  1. Longer Stator when compared with most 6355 motors.
  2. Largest Copper Mass in class.
  3. Chemically treated stator to prevent corrosion from liquid ingress.
  4. Magnet retainer ring to ensure long term durability.
  5. Precision milled shaft with built-in keyway to lock pulley in position.
  6. 20cm long, high strand count silicone insulated phase wires with 5.5mm connectors included.
  7. Easy to disassemble & perform regular cleaning & maintanence.




I am interested! I am in Austria. How do I do this?



You can buy just one if you like and still it’s a very great price… there is no special requirements for purchasing.

However if you want even more savings you can order larger qty and get the additional benefits of the bulk discount. This is good for groups buys.

Jason this is great news mate, big congratulations on working out a US and European distribution! :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Congrats to Enertion ! Can you add some info on the Enertion site about these distributors’s locations ?

Does your EU warehouse mean we can soon get motor mounts from there as well? On your website it still says “Australia Post” when I try to order one and the shipping cost is almost as high as the entire mount (which keeps me from buying one).

Yea I would love some other stuff too.

Yes. Soon all the products can be sent from my distributors. Bit it takes time. It also take some planning and systems. Little steps.

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One simple option now is to do group buy. Then I can send some parts to distributor. Save lots on shipping and tax

do you have a time frame? One month, half a year, 2017? Just figuring out if I should wait or go all DIY and build my own mount again.

I only skimmed over this post, so he might have mentioned it. But on the website it says “Arrives International Distributor on 30th Sep 2016”.

The motor mount? I don’t see it :confused:

darn. I’m building a mono with the bigboy motor, would’ve jumped on this deal

I’m right in the same boat as you with the bigboy mono. Oh well. Still considering picking up this deal for the next build that’s bound to happen eventually. :joy:

We have all the stock of motor mounts already in Australia, so it must be shipped from here… The only way these distributor deals work is if the goods get sent direct to distributors from my factories… and they only way I will consider doing that is if I know the stock will be sold… due to limited cash flow of this business it is not easy to triple my stock holding to fill my overseas distributors warehouses… little steps must be taken.

Comon guys this is an amazing deal! Glad to read that Jason - good idea and hopefully that will help the EU (but I’m sure the US distributor as well ;-)) to have some items onstock here,

Looking forward to sent the first batch from here :slight_smile:

Thanks, Quentin

Super deal Jason, will take advantage of it soon. How many motor mounts do you need to send to your distributor for it to make sense? Maybe we could group buy as well!



I apologise for not communicating earlier we have had major storms in Australia and no power at the end of last week, then have been on a holiday in Australia & also china factories have been on holiday too, so we got a bit behind schedule.

A Quick Summary:

This deal was offered primarily to help our customers across the globe purchase our products at heavily reduced prices & avoid the huge tax charges.

Unfortunately, as of the 30th September, this deal has fallen short of its target unit volume!

We need a certain volume to make it viable to ship to Europe & US warehouses with duties prepaid at the advertised sales price. Sending small batches doesn’t really work as freight charges are much higher per unit meaning you all will need to pay more.

If anyone is interested I can send these bundles direct your door & you can pay the duties & taxes, it’s likely to add 30% for europe customers, but you get it faster? Let me know if you are happy to pay extra and ill make it happen ASAP.

Otherwise please sit tight & ill happily pay your duties for you however slightly longer wait then originally anticipated

So, I’ll be extending this offer for another two weeks - PLEASE SHARE IT WITH YOUR MATES

Looking at the sell through rates I am certain that we will get the numbers we need and keep our prices low & cover the import duties. Then we also need some time for the international logistics process & customer clearance to occur. So our new delivery target is end of October.

The team at enertion thank you all for your support, we could not exist without the support of our loyal customers who help us make these deals possible.

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Im interested in taking your offer and paying for the duties for shipping to the US. How should I contact you?

I’ll refund your order. You just need to order the products from website seperate. Then I can ship them asap from stock in Australia.