R2 Fast Charger - Change max voltage

Hi, I have recently built an electric skateboard. It uses an 10s4p li ion battery without BMS. To that i bought an R2 Fast Charger and then i will use a hobby RC balance charger to balance the battery pack every now and then.

The question is if it is possible to set the max voltage on the R2 charger to something like 41V to make sure that i don’t overcharge any cell if they should become unbalanced. Is there any potentiometer inside?


If you use a lab power supply you can set the voltage and amperage, just make sure you get the 60v version.



I have looked at those but i ruled them out because of the size. I live at two different places and need to have the charger with me. Would be awesome to be able to change the voltage :slight_smile:

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I figured it out! If anyone is interested how i solved it:

  1. Open the charger. You’ll need a triangle 3.0 screwdriver.

  2. Take off the side where the LED is.

  3. Turn the potentiometer VR1(The little red/orange thing in the middle) clockwise while measuring the voltage on the output.

(Do not do this if you don’t know what you are doing… Mains voltage is exposed in the charger…)



Nice that it has an adjust inside, most chargers don’t, also you can easily add an external potentiometer