R2 style remote for diy esk8

That’s the issue with evolve in general. There’s a large percentage of people who have a relatively stable board (I mean they’ve only had 2 parts replaced :wink:). Those people can’t understand the plight of the rest who have problem after problem. That R2 remote was an utter disaster for me. They replaced it twice, both replacements were defective.

You guys are missing the point. This remote has a trigger and a thumb wheel. Beyond that it’s just programming. Offer a little USB windows/Mac tool that lets you change what each button does. Don’t like triggers? Use the thumbwheel instead. Want a mix of both? Program it that way. By giving all the options in one remote, that should be an easy sell to anyone regardless of if they will use all the features or not.


You wouldn’t be able to brake on that trigger but I get what you’re saying. They should make the trigger mini style and we could choose. Or better yet two models with either.

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Well, keep in mind this product is in the stage that these features can be implemented and I’m certain the community will be willing to test it. This is where flipsky is changing the industry, seeking insight and feedback from the intended customer. Big plus. They also have the ability to make changes with out major disruptions in production.

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That’s what makes this so exciting :slight_smile: If you can feed them anything I’d say two models to cater for thumbers and fingerers, that will open up the market to them and not split their customer base in two.

Maybe a single remote with modular parts to choose thumb or finger? I don’t know, just ideas.

I got my remote 2 weeks ago and although I have experienced so dropouts, Ive never had any problems with the break working or your calibration problem. I only experienced dropouts when Ive gone a couple feet away from my board or being goofy sitting on it with the remote in front of my body it tends to drop out.

You should simply not experience drop outs.

Go here: https://evolveforums.com/threadloom/search and type in “r2 remote issue”

These are the results that have not been censured, removed, hidden, unposted due to “verification” or locked. There’s 87 pages - this remote has been on the market 10 months.

That’s nice to have all options, but what it would mean for the production? Flipsky will deliver a raw remote plus windows/Mac Programming interface so that it’s easy to change settings individually🤔 @hyperIon1 looks like we need a vesc tool for remotes too😅

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Damn that nuts. I wonder why some people like yourself have problems and some do not? I ride in downtown Houston and all over so there has to be a lot of interference around but I don’t have any while riding normally. ID assume all remotes should be manufactured to the same specs as per speed controller as well although I know there are 3 different version of speed controller so maybe thats where the issue is?

Is that info even confirmed? None of it is mention in the OP

The issue is two fold with Evolve, they use very inexpensive materials (read: cheap) and to compound it have a seriously fast moving supply chain, they can’t even keep these things in stock - it’s probably not helped by most veteran Evolve riders having 3 remotes because they don’t trust them :D.

I can only assume there is zero quality assurance and so they probably send out a large portion of inadequate products and ride their marketing to save face. Diehard fans of the brand are overlooking serious design and QA issues and coming to their defense.

Yeah this is my first board so I have nothing to base whats good or not off experience, just what others post. One thing I hate with a passion is the battery sag on these!!

I’m rocking a maytech v1 right now with the ‘steez’. Have you tried both versions? Curious to hear about the difference between the two. Quite happy with the v1 minus the cruise control just steadily increases speed in a linear manner until you hit the brakes…

I’ve not used the v1 but I’ve heard good things and LHB used them for a loooong time.

A few updates from a technical aspect. The screen size will be bigger and some slight changes to the grip. imageimage


Any updates?

Take my moooneeeeyyyy

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They should have some for testing soon. I will inquire on a time frame.

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Great news. Thanks.

Photron bits put into this shell would be sweet af👌

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