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R2D2 Star Wars themed Electric Skateboard startup sound

Hi guys, i’m currently in the process of planning my electric skateboard and I had an idea. I wanted to make the board a little bit more personal, so what I wanted to do was to fit in some sort of mini speaker to my board connect it to some arduino/circuit board and connect that to my skateboard battery. You make be asking why? I want my e-board to make the sound of an r2d2 or Bb-8 droid when I turn it on and off. I know it sounds weird but it would make the board more ‘alive’ . I have to warn you that I am a complete noob on electricals and circuits etc. So forgive me in advance. I bought some cheap circuit board from Hong Kong recently. It has an sd card slot, aux and a mini usb slot. I’ll try post a picture of it later when I’m home. I am planning to purchase to 12S 3P battery from DIY electric skateboard and I understand that I have to factor in the Voltage etc. If anyone has any ideas of how to connect all of this up or point me in some sort of direction, I would greatly appreciate it! Cheers guys!!

I have no idea about the speaker but to power it you should use an UBEC or SBEC.

Thanks! I found a diagram on the Internet. Is this basically how it’s supposed to be connected?

Yeah, that’s about right.

Just make sure you wire the ubec on the ESC side of the battery connectors.

Here hack the shit out of this

Vroom vroom