Race star 5065 200kv with gear (1) left

Racerstar 5065 BRH5065 200KV 6-12S Brushless Motor Without Gear For Balancing Scooter Description: Brand: Racerstar Item name: BRH5065 200KV Weight: 480g RPM/V: 200KV Cell Count: 6-12S

IMG_0428IMG_6018 WIRED FOR EVOLVE OR FOCBOX Tested with 36V voltage: No load current: 0.9A No load speed: 7220rpm Max current: 46A Max power: 1650W

Package Included: 1 x Racerstar BRH5065 200KV motor 40$ 5$ SHIPPING IN THE USA PM FOR INTERNATIONAL

are these sensor wires directly compatible with VESC, or do we need an adapter?

they are wire for a evolve. But I had it repined for a focbox. The motor Hall Sensor wire doesn’t have a temp on it. So it’s 5 pin. I put in a 6 pin connector and 3.5mm phase wire connectors

is it just 1 for sale, or can I buy multiple

I have 4 in stock. Two wired that way. And 2 for evolve. I can change them to focbox. How many did you need?

PM’d with more questions

Are these direct evolve replacements in regards to kv ?

No, the 140kv version is much better for Evolve replacements. These will work but not as good and your ESC may overheat in some conditions

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No. These are not factory spec evolve replacement motors. But I do carry factory spec evolve replacement motors.


Thanks , checked out your site. I may be in the market soon.

PM me when you do. I’ll send some extra stuff to try out.

Arguably, the 140kv ones are even better than the 150kv factory spec because they will work your ESC less hard leading to longer life and lower temperatures.

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@hyperIon1 sorry for opening this up again but please tell me you have two race stars 200kv left wired for a focbox … really looking for a small motor to take 12s… I was also wondering if you have tryed the maytec 5065 170kv on 12s I think it is only rated for 10s correct me please and say YES to 12s. If not any recommendations … 63xx is too fatt for what I’m doing it will work but I want clearance…what’s a good lil power house other then the Hoyt pocket rockets…