Racers Needed for Tepes!

In talks with Sk8 legend Kevin Reimer about an UP-Hill race at 2019 Tepes’ event in Santa Maria, Coastal SoCal. We need 10 riders committed to running the hill to get on the venue. If you can don’t be quiet, we need 10 min and of course more would be better. https://m.facebook.com/events/2285860221698500 IMG_20190214_085543 https://youtu.be/R0Y0-aL2cmU Camping, food and fun on a closed road race course.


I wish I lived in California :cry:


I’m a newbie, but properly equipped. I’d definitely turn out for this.

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What spec of board would be necessary for this?

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It would be great to have you at the hill. When I get the roster started I’ll put you at the top. What build will you bring?

It’s a 3.2 mile UP-Hill course. I would say something capable in the 4000watt range or higher. A 450 Watt hr pack should be plenty without dropping too many volts at the top. More watts more battery is always better. There should be a good mix of boards making different speeds.

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We need one in NY :disappointed:

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@DerelictRobot you gonna head down for this one?

We need something on the East coast :disappointed_relieved:


Have some more info on Tepes’ and Tacos DH event in Santa Maria, California.

Tepe and Tacos: An Annual DH Skate Freeride

Tepe and Tacos is all about getting together and enjoying downhill skate runs on an all levels track. It is one of the longest tracks in the world, clocking it at 3.4 miles or 6km. The idea behind Tepe and Tacos is to remove the pressures of racing and offer a place to hone your skills, or to test your mettle in a ticket race where all riders start equal.

There are only a few rules:

  1. NO BITCHING - If you don’t like something, please go ahead and fix it immediately.
  2. HELP OUT - Events are a huge effort, so lend a hand whenever possible.
  3. RESPECT ALL - This is an event for EVERYONE. Respect them, their beliefs, their choices, and their riding ability.
  4. LISTEN - If a volunteer, organizer, or skater asks something of you, listen and react accordingly.
  5. HAVE FUN - This is a no pressure, pure enjoyment event. It’s not about winning, it’s not about being the fastest, it’s about having the most fun. Do that.
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I don’t!!! But sometimes it would be nice for esk8 meetups

3 days of making runs and DH racing. Camping and food is on the hill. Promoter Kevin Reimer said if we can get 10 riders to show we can esk8 DH in rotation, make a few uphill runs and have the uphill Prix. It’s a pay for event with hay bales, corner workers, Ryder trucks taking riders to the top and catering. It’s well organized and a good time out in the country. It’s one of the longest courses in the world. $200.00 entry for an entire weekend of skating the 3.4mile hill course.

Tepes’ is sold out. No Esk8 Race for 2019. Maybe next year.

There’s always the Paris July event! :wink: