Racerstar motor pulleys

Anyone know if can get these pulleys for my racerstar motors somewhere else instead aliexpress China? Order them more then month ago but didn’t arrived yet. My build is almost done but no pulley no ride :(:sleepy: I know does are made for these motors.


Did you order them from banggood? I had ordered the same pulley, package never came. Banggood sent me another one.

I order on aliexpress and already sent message to seller and probably it will send me another ones but problem will wait another month and see if arraives. I’m looking for fast solution.

Where are you located?

I’m in Canada toronto

Did your pulleys came with grub screws?

You could use normal pulley with a square hole and use bigger/wider key to secure it from moving? Hope you get what I mean :slight_smile:

B I got one pulley from generation but doesnt have hole for grub screw.

No, I remember having to buy an assorted pack of grub screws just for the one I needed. I’ll look at the size when I get home, it’s pretty small.

I think is 3m screws

I have 6 but… in Spain, probably your order will arrive earlier :frowning:

I have 4 of them. I just haven’t added them yet. I also have a set of steel ones as well.

With grub screws

Spain is far. But I’m your hermano at the same time. Portuguese :slight_smile:

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Where you are located?

ATX, Austin Texas.

How much you are looking for 2?

We just haven’t gotten to them yet. I think the steel are 20 and the aluminum reds are 10 a set. I’ll double check and get back to you. But that sounds close.

@torqueboards can probably hook you up with a set too…

He’s right here in the US and readily has the. In Stock. Shipping to Canada should be pre quick…

I have a set of turques as well. Really trying to get a good variety with so many different motors and shaft sizes it’s hard to just have one. I haven’t tried to put the tboard on the race star but it could work. You belt size will change.