RaGaWoods Allroad eLongboard | Vesc | Scrum trucks | 200mm wheels | Alien Motor 6374 200kv | 6s 6700mah battery pack

Hello builders, Here i my 3 project allroad elongboard

New motor mount made by me on cnc


Nice build!

what trucks are those?

Really nice! How did you do the wood enclosure? That’s actually a good idea, if it does not add too much weight. Where did you find the motor mount for the scrub trucks? Is it home made?

Case for electronic i cutted at cnc, this 3 layers of 15 mm plywood and them glue together. Motor mount is from alien power systems but i’m preparing my custom which will be ready for 2 engines and cover them. http://alienpowersystem.com/product-category/cnc-kit/transmission-parts/

Nice build, but I have one question, why did you decide to use two different batteries? You must keep them permanently in series correct seeing as they have different Mah?

I’m using them for tests and charging them separetly, one by one. Finally it will be 2 x 3000 amh battereies

Are you happy with the grip of the mount on the truck?

yes, but truck is little bit adjust, beacuse it is not fully round.

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Where did you get those lights? What voltage are those running?


Bindings from freeboard make a difference


@ragawoods How thick is that electronics enclosure? It looks thick, but seems to clear the ground pretty nicely. Any issues with clearance?

it is 4 cm, no issues with clearance, This version doesn’t have flex,

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