RaGaWoods eMoutainBoard | My custom deck | Trampa trucks and wheels | my motor mount | my box for electronics | Vesc 2.54 | Alien power motors |

Hello builders, Here is my second project i’m doing, e mountainboard

I did my custom deck, i created form for plywood

Result was

Some custom grip

Trampa trucks, wheel and holders

I made my own cnc cutted motor mount for Trampa trucks

Than box for electric stuff, not painted yet


Wow @ragawoods this is an amazing build! How did you design your mold for the deck?

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Seriously impressive man. Nice work! I too am interested in your jig. Did you design the template? How long is it? Also I would love to see some shots of your CNC machine. Did you design it or base it off plans. I’m thinking of putting one together for my highschool ( note- I’m a teacher not a student :sunglasses: )

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Few shots of cnc machine:

i just design template at sktechup:

than glue then

Then took 4 pieces of 4mm plywood and put them to this form Really cnc machine is great, i’m doing lot of thing also motor mount was done by cnc.

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