Rainbow of Sparkle Mods

Soooo…I have become a little obsessed with selecting the perfect filament to use for the great Sparkle mod shared by OKP @unik

My favorite right now is the clear translucent on the left…but that could change…still have to print a translucent red and a couple others…what do you think?


Hot Damn, All of those look nice, I like the sky-blue one.The light reflection is making them look good.

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OMFG ! that’s music to my ears. I’m really proud an honored that you have printed these.


I like the dark blue one or the black one the best my self.

I like the blue one


@Crushkrew I think you have a problem. And the problem is you haven’t made the red one yet! I want to see that one (since it will be the fastest, of course), but so far, they all look really good. The baby blue and clear ones are my favorites of the bunch. Maybe cause they are the most sparkly.

Are you going to sell these off when you find the one you like, or just rock a different one each day, like a new pair of kicks?


Damnnn they all look nice! If there’s one that you think you’re not gonna use i’ll buy it off you!

ahh yeah! just printed a yellow fluo one ! pretty flashy too.

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Post a pic pls… @okp

Cool! Let’s see it! Imho, without some sparkly sparkle on the SPARKLE, the SPARKLE doesn’t seem like it’s sparkly enough to be called a SPARKLE. Wouldn’t you agree?

Does anybody have a gold or silver sparkly SPARKLE? That, I’d really like to see.

I did print one in proto pasta glitter flake filament…looks awesome but had delaminating issues…may try again…


I personally like Army Green, yellow and light blue… looks pretty nice and definately stands out :slight_smile:

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It’s weird…the army green one was supposed to be a translucent green…didn’t print that way tho…

Mh maybe it has to be something with the light. Green one, yellow and white looks very ‘‘monogamous’’…

For the rest you can see the ‘‘shiny part’’ and the filament/print lines more.

Im no expert but I do like that solid color these 3 have (green, yellow, white). though everyone has probably his own preference for color / shape / texture

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