Rainy Day Cruiser

So with the completion of my first electric board, I realize I am now without transportation on rainy days. I am looking to get a cheap cruiser board to use the old fashioned way. Any suggestions on what other people have and like? Looking for something small (<30") and cheap (<35ish). I’d be willing to swap bearings and wheels. Just include those in total cost. I found a cheap knockoff penny board for ~15 bucks. Not sure if that’s wide enough. Just want it for transport around campus.

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Jet spud 29" or the new 2016 version jet potato 29"

Also some wheel shields

@lox897 Looks cool but definitely not looking to spend that much.

How much do you want to spend? Maybe just get a normal skateboard deck.

@lox897 less than 40 lol. I found a knockoff penny board for around 15, I could get a 22,24,27 inch variety. Figured I could put some nicer bearings on it. Just wasn’t sure how wide that would be. Just seeing if anyone else had a small portable board they really like.

the beauty of the spud is, that you dont need wheel shields because the deck is covering the wheels completely! :wink:

But on rainy days there could be puddles

yea, aaand why would you need wheel shields over a fully wheel covering top mount deck? :thinking:

@lox897 hence the reason I want a second board that won’t be electric. I don’t trust my enclosure enough to sacrifice my esk8.

Also just curious to see what the daily commute guys use on days of inclimate weather.

For the bearings??? To protect them from water???

hm, what exactly do you mean then? only wheel shields i know are http://cdn.thisiswhyimbroke.com/images/skateboard-wheel-shield-colors-640x533.jpg

and any cover for the wheel wouldnt work on the truckside?

@whitepony for some reason I thought there was a shield for the bearing. Maybe I’m wrong…

EDIT: Those wheel shields do prevent water

yea, from splashing water up to the rider, they dont really save bearings from becoming wet … and if at all then just a mild splash protection from just one side. :wink:

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You really should grease them bearings. Pick your poison https://www.etrailer.com/faq-grease.aspx

Don’t waste your money on Wal-Mart boards. Try Craigslist? Customskateboards.com?