Randall 35° base plate on Torqueboards 218mm trucks

Will this work? I want to buy an Evo deck and I heard the 50° trucks feel terrible on this deck so I was wondering if I could put my 218mm trucks on these base plates.

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you can either use that base plate, or you can go buy a wedge riser to reduce the 50 down to 35 or 40.

The TB hangers will fit on Caliber II base plates. Calibers are available in 44 deg The 218mm hangers add a lot of stability because of their width. I’m running them on Caliber II base plates with Riptide pivot cups and bushings. The setup is carvey and still very stable


Most trucks on the market have a very similar geometry (aka based on Randal geometry). Generally it should work, but you might need a pivot cup swap. Vinyl braided tubing can be used for custom pivots because you can choose any length needed to make the geometry work

There used to be a truck compatibility chart floating around that showed which hangars fit on which baseplates (for example, “Prandals” used to be popular: Paris hangars on Randal plates).

Here is an early version of the chart, but it was made before Calibers existed. It was updated to include many other trucks, but it’s nowhere to be found now. Maybe your google skills are better than mine


old thread I know, but the answer is yes; I run the same OG 35ers on my NOS Land Yachtz Urban Assault that we’re using TB218s and @marcmt88 mounts (work in progress).




In the debate whether the Evo was designed for 50s or 35s; every LY gen 1 dropdown I own from The Beginning (first-gen Evo, UA, DH, Switch) shipped with 35s.


do the Caliber 2 pivot cups work in the randal base plate?

I’m not sure; I roll with @Alphamail’s offish Randal cups. Flawless.

Would the standard TB218 pivot cups fit in the randal base plate?

Are the pivot cups that come with randal base plate the ones you are running?

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http://www.riptidesports.com/wfb-96a-pivot-cup-choices/ select Randal, Randal RIII, SurfRodz RPK

The Randal pivot is a larger Outside diameter but nearly the same Inside diameter so the TB218 will not work in a Randal Base plate. I have not done this mashup of Randal and TB 218 so I cannot confirm that it works

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I run 2 boards with a 34 degree baseplate with TB218 hangers on the rear truck, using riptide pivots for randals, seems to work fine.


@topcloud @Alphamail @squishy654

Thanks for your help and great information. Still in the process of getting all the parts together for my DIY build. Well basically a rebuild of my first DIY board which was the cheapest stuff I could find and 3D print the stuff that i could (including motor mount). So just just wanting to make it the best riding board I can without ofcourse spending the price of a car on it.


here is a terrific first build that’s easy to sell to fund your second one:


my only changes:

seriously, just make it easy on yourself and buy all these parts - KranK, the risers, etc. http://www.riptidesports.com/electric-skateboard/

with the Riptide risers, use these wheels https://loadedboards.com/caguama-85mm/

Can’t miss Boosted Stealth-slayer that appeals to Boosted gen 2 owners - AKA, the people who will spend a grand on a superior Vanguard with @torqueboards stuff, Calibers, @Alphamail’s Riptide and Cags.

Good hunting

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I just want to say that board is pimp as hell bro


I run 30° randall base plate and tb218 hangars with riptide pivot cups, zero issues.


10char or u dewedge

lmao! lets see a close up of the fuel gauge, man you need to turn on some Frankenstein music that plays at ignition

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dude is there a build thread? This is in the top coolest builds ive ever seen

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