Random drv error dual 6355

Hey guys! So i finshed my build a couple of weeks ago but i have issues with the vesc. Im using maytech vescs that i bought from eskating.

Running 60 motor amps and 30 Battery max everything is fine no fault codes nothing. But as soon as i raise battery max or motor max i get drv fault codes on acceleration.

Board cuts out under full acceleration and shows the drv 8302 error but works as normal 2-3 sec after. (At 16.08 drv fault , acceleration) Works normaly afterwards.

Settings when fault code appears. (using single setup at the moment) Motor max 70-80A Motor min 50A Battery max 35-40A Battery min -8

Startup boost 0.05 Current ramp up step 0.04

Hardware 6355 190kv motor (running sensorless) samsung 30q 10s4p battery. Maytech vesc 4.12 with ackmaniac fw (tried stock same problem) 83mm wheels with 16/36 gearing.

Went out using 60/30A and was no issue with full accelerations , no fault code and no cutting out. Is this due to the quality of the vesc or is something in my settings wrong?? Want to be able to use the full potential of the parts without errors…

I can think of a few things off the top of my head.

  1. Overheating issues. Solved by putting a small 5v fan on top of drv/mosfets.
  2. Bad assembly job. Inspect vesc for abnormalities.
  3. Bad drv. Replace drv with a genuine one.
  4. Battery wires longer than 30 cm. Shorten wires or add caps.
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  1. Not possible, temp is below 50C when error appears
  2. Looks ok , problem occurs on all 3 of my maytech vescs.
  3. Are there really copies of the drv chips?
  4. Battery wires are max 10cm long.
  1. Yes it is. Chinese parts have a lower tolerance. So while 50c doesn’t seem much for say focboxes, for cheap chinese hardware 50c could be too much.
  2. Yes.

What remote are you using? Have you checked your setup for any abnormalities? (exposed wire, missing caps)

  1. If temp was an issue over 50C then how come i could go up to 80C on the 2nd ride with no issues (Lower settings).
  2. Never heard of any drv fakes but maybe youre right…

Remote is Eskating Remote V2, max and min pulsewidth setup done.

Because you used different settings.

You have a bad drv. Replace it and I would also suggest checking the board for shorts etc.

Yes but i really cant see anything bad with the settings i used that may cause a drv error. And if there where shorts, there would be issues with lower setting aswell?

Im so close to buying focboxes to get rid of this issue but first i want to get to the bottom of whats causing it. Would be sad to blow focbox aswell… :confused:

Your settings may be good but hardware side it’s a different story. You are using cheap vescs. Here in the esk8 community the golden rule goes 'buy cheap, buy twice(or how many times you blow something). You will end up spending more because you initially used cheap parts that failed. You’re better off buying expensive parts and never worry about faulty hardware.

I also use maytech. Mine died because of water damage and corrosion. But that’s totally my fault. Seems I got a good batch (and I totally ruined it xD).

Honestly, i don’t think counterfeit drv8302 chips exist. However the components like the caps, thats another story

I have two of my previous maytech vesc on drv repair after the same issue, “randomly drv faults”. Worked fine when i shipped them but i didnt want to gamble with them. So they will have 2 brand new drv8302 chips (orginal ones).

Thing is im afraid that they will blow once again if i try to go with higher settings… Hence the reason im thinking of buying focboxes and be done with it.

I only use BLDC btw.

ESCape and b box are also an option. Make sure to report back if the repaired vescs work or not!

I would set motor max to 60, motor min is fine, battery max to 30, battery min is fine. See if your problem goes away.

It could be a BMS issue causing the cutouts. I’ve got a vesc that shows drv errors Everytime I accelerate but it doesn’t reboot or cutout. Sometimes DRV errors are not real, they are related to something else and it just reads that way.

It does goes away using these suggested settings you say. Motor max 60A Motor min 50A Battery max 30A Battery min -8

Just wondering what triggers the cutout, is it limitations in the hardware that would be sorted with focboxes?

Don’t think it’s a bms issue it should allow for burst. I’ve been pulling over 76 battery amps one time on that battery without it cutting out. The vesc don’t reboot when the fault occurs it works immediately after without reboot. You can see that on the metr data, never reboots. Did motor detection tonight just to see if it would give fault and it did not, works just like it should. It’s weird…

Yep, likely just vesc limitations. As I understand it the Maytech VESC’s are rated at 50 amps.

I had this issue with original 4.12 bodies… they would cut out or reboot. I think it’s because when you reach batmax under heavy acceleration the fets aren’t fast enough to close the gate and the next read of the current is an over current fault from the software.

I haven’t had any issues like this since using ESC with direct fets…

And this would display drv error instead of over current fault? @Deckoz

Yeah and I’m pulling below what they are rated for. 30A no issues , 35A = Fault

That’s what they are rated. That’s not necessarily a fact. I’ve seen people with Maytech VESC’s that rebooted every time they went over 30 amps. I would just leave them at 30 amps and call it done.

Is it the battery max that makes it cutout you think? Can I use a higher motormax to increase acceleration and keep it at 30A for the battery?

Yea it’s drv error over current. Not drv abs over current.

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