Random DRV error

I’ve had my board for a year but still have the same problem which have prevented me to ride it from the beginning. My focbox works when it suddenly stops and flashes red, showing DRV error. Afterwards the motor spins again until It errors again The motor will not show DRV if it’s already spinning. DRV only comes if I try to throttle from 0%. This is frustrating as I can’t ride safely. Suddenly the board dies and reboots. Any guesses?

Would help if you post more info. Vesc settings What battery and motors are you using? Remote?

I’ve got the photon remote. I also just reflashed and updated the firmware on my vesc so all settings are erased; still not working. I’ve got 12s 18650 9400mah battery and 6374 torque boards motor.

Cool, I had a phone remote on my first build aswell. If we asume you did setup your vesc’s correctly (motor max min, battery, regen etc. Then your drv chip is blown. Need to replace them…

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I have the photon advanced remote, not phone remote. You should check out photon, it’s amazing. My DRV is probably fried but how can the motor spin up, sometimes? I’m not sure replacing the DRV will fix the problem.

Hah, had a couple of beers today :grin: Dunno… Maybe @Martinsp can answer that

Sorry for the late reply, your DRV is damaged but not fried. Sometimes this can happen when the DRV is damaged but not enough to prevent it from working occasionally or under certain conditions. This seems like a quick fix just replacing the DRV chip.

BR, Martin.