[ Random Sale ] Align Trex 600 Pro DFC Helicopter Ready to fly

Hey guys,

I know this is random but I am needing to clean out my space from some of my parts and toys. So along with my board I have my electric Heli for sale. I know this is a specific hobby but I feel like I should try.

Price is $800 for everything seen here. Shipping will be $60 and will be insured

Anyways On to the goodies!

  1. Align Trex 600 PRO DFC Heli setup in 12s. Ready to fly, with spare parts. The lot with the heli is shown in the pictures. I just do not have time to fly and would rather see it used than collect dust. It was in flying condition when put away, but it is up to you to go over thoroughly before flying again.

**Included is a Spektrum DX8 that works great. There is a broken F-Mode switch but this can be replaced by Hobbyking if needed.

This will include 3 6s 3300Mah + 1s 2150 Mah Cyclic battery.+ Dynamite 300w DUO Charger with cables and balance board. Will charge 3 batteries in 20 minutes

**Batteries are set in storage mode and are in perfect balanced condition.

**body is pretty beat up from storage, moded and being used on another heli but does not impact flight performance at all.

Electronics mounted on the helicopter are as follows:

AR7200 Flaybarless Receiver Align DS610 Cyclic Servos Align DS650 Tail Servo Castle 80A ESC

-3 sets of extra blades ( Align High Performance, Maverics, SAB blades ) Extra booms, tail drive gears and housing, lots of Extra spare parts and tools.

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Is the trex 600 still for sale

Let me know if u still wanna sell it

I have one for sale. Email me at [email protected] if interested

What if you are an imposter?