Range extender plugged into charge port

I’m buying all the bits for my next build and have realised that the 10s5p battery I’m building won’t quite get me to work on my commute…

So I’ve come up with a slightly sideways plan.

If I make a 2s5p battery pack and plug that into my loopkey I’d have a 12s5p for my long commutes and my slick lovely @Hummie with @bigben enclosure for the rest of life…

I’m not going to use the bms for discharge btw.



Wouldn’t you need to add a parallel pack to get more range?:thinking: Serial connections will give you higher voltage and more speed. Not sure if the range would add up too


50 cells plus 10 more cells= 20% more range

And yes I’d have to limit my Erpm but that’s what I do on my current board anyway running 12s.

I could burn through the extra capacity with speed but I don’t have to pull that trigger!

The main issue I see is have to change my vesc settings each time I go from one to the other…

Sounds easier to just move closer lol


Does the bigben enclosure fit the 12s5p nicely or do you need to mount the vescs externally?

Using a Bluetooth module certain boards allow you to have different setting of each board, you could just have two different settings one for 10s and one for 12s

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You would have to mount the vescs externally. I’m going to look at a double stack enclosure when I get time…


double stack would be fantastic keeping it slim with nice clearance would likely be easier due to the recess. Wonder how much that would weigh on a build though :thinking:

Even just a single stack with a bulge in it to fit vescs would be great.

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I’ll have a muck about with some cells to see what the impact would be.


single stack is doable on 12s4p with vescs according to @hummie. I’m considering those squeeze packs He’s got planned on the 2 hole deck. Not having to solder would be great :laughing:

60 cells or bust

im working on a piggyback battery at the moment. It’ll plug into the charge port and charge as you ride.

using a 6s lipo and a buck boost to get 42v

Have seen pics of others doing this but no details. hopefully i’ll have some parts to test with soon and let you now how it goes


sounds awesome! so you can put one together for specific battery configs?

probably! :smiley: the buck-boost has a variable output, however, the bigger the difference between voltages the fewer amps it can push out.



That would be kind of like having swappable packs! so charging while riding? I wouldn’t want to do that but charging at a place without any wall plugs, Then I see much more convenience in it!

Unfortunately establishments without wall plugs can be quite common where I’m based :confused:

yea same, i’d prefer to charge up while i’m still out. but yea some people put all this in a box sitting in between their feet while they ride for super long trips. you could even keep extra lipos in your backpack and swap them out then keep going … for everrrrr!

yea its basically a huge powerbank XD


A “how to” thread would be great for this. I’m not sure about charging and riding. But charging without outlets would be great for some of the trails I wanna take.


That would be so cool to have! Lets you get the range from those bigger packs without having to worry about building the board around it and its handy to have!

I’m keen on seeing how that goes! Its a wonder why like you mentioned, nobody is posting about these things :laughing:

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I wonder what the efficiency losses are with the charging through a buck converter method, must be well over 10% at a guess… anyone do better than guess work?

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