Rant (our current gear sucks)

I suggest against using knock off xt-90s. I measured the resistance in a real one vs several off brand and the off brands always had 50% to up to 200% higher resistance


@pshaw I used a 3d printed xt90 socket holder for making a clean key, here it is on the side of the battery box…found the model on the interwebs and James Curtis printed it for me. they are handy to have, print a few…Yes…I know, it needs some Abec11 97mm reflex…


I can send you of one those @mmaner panel mounts if you want https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/2992/3001?u=scepterr


Try one of these switches. It costs $5 at Lowe’s, easy to mount, and I’ve been running 100 Amps at 12s on it for over a year with no problems.


Where did battery disposal thingies went? Hahah

As far as the control mode you described when you just kick push and the vesc keeps up the speed its already a thing. Ackmaniac’s modded firmware has it. Its called PID controlled mode and you can still use the remote for breaks. :slight_smile:


? It’s still there? I don’t understand your question

Do you make these (3D print) or do you purchase these? Also, what is good XT90 (name brand) vs off brand? Which brand is the good one? I would like a couple of the panel mounts for my next build. I can purchase if you wish.

Giving them away :yum:

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I want a couple. Just let me know when they are available and I will cover the shipping.


Which is the name brand XT90 (good) vs off brand (bad)? Point me to the good one.

Amass is the real brand

huh?? The XT60 connector is a high-current, low-resistance battery connector sold and developed by Hong Kong-based Hextronik, Ltd., the parent company of internet retailer HobbyKing.

Sure it is! Loool. Amass actually holds a patent on it.

Hobbyking states on their “genuine” connectors that they are manufactured by amass.

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Is there for real an audio advertisement here ^^^^^ lol?

It’s a podcast and I talked about our gear and it’s sucking


Well, you lost me at the sector 9 comment :sweat_smile:

  • :“There is like sector 9 decks, and then there are decks that are racing down maryhill and there is a big difference between the two”


  • In the event at Maryhill, sector 9 is heavily involved and helps out tremendously Wupsy daisy.

  • They have downhill race boards that are ridden and won with in wold cup races Wupsy daisy 2

  • And they were a huge contributer to the whole rising of downhill long-boarding. To this day, they organise events (IDF world cups), cover costs of safety staff, road closures and medics as well as safety nets etc. And are allways happy to give you a lift back up in a truck/car.

So I don’t think it is fair to put them in such a small box based upon their products that are catered towards the masses. Even easier to grasp since in almost any online shops they are split in 2 category, Sector 9 and sector 9 downhill division…

Generally enjoyed the talk during a boring morning in the office, don’t want to be the guy who goes around nit picking stuff that isn’t quite accurate (same trucks front and back make no sense, "donwhill and parking garage in the same breath instead of free-riding/bombing, etc. ) . Thought since you said you enjoy discourse so much I would reply with a single reaction to it :slight_smile:

Admire your drive and ambitions dude.

Ps: I think that he problem is lack of experience, wrong priorities and missing of so called ultimate experiences. We have amazing performance stuff in the free-ride/downhill world, from trucks, to bushings, to wedges, baseplates, griptape, foot stoopers, decks and so much knowledge and experience. And I think a lot gets lost in translation to esk8. To me The deck, trucks and bushing are the beating heart of any skate, if it is gravity or esk8. Dismissing that simply as other components will diminish any quality ride and experience you might have on your build.


Hes right on the need for innovation part…it’ll come with time but things like the cleaner loop key,the Black xt90s aren’t xt90s tho I thought? An integrated enclosure deck is needed at a decent price too and a VESC that doesn’t blow so easy and not have a 4/500% markup…just my 2cents not a rant lol


Why to make a short at your battery? When you can just dump it in the can, i didn’t read a thing about disposing batteries tho

This is partial truth… Example Evo vs carbon Evo… Even if you get a carbon it’s not hand made like the original carbon evos. Every skate company has different lines or boards… cruisers, dh, Freeride, etc. Can’t clump the entire lineup into it’s a wooden stick with trucks so they’re all in the same. :confused:


Hey if you want to improperly dispose of lithium by “just dumping in the can” be my guest. But there’s proper ways to prepare a battery before tossing in the can, if you don’t follow them and your trash or trash collection truck catches fire because you didn’t properly discharge and make inert by shorting that’s on you man… lol

The reason for shorting the cells is it makes them inert. In other words after they have been discharged and shorted they will no longer accept a charge. Shorting dimishes the energy density to near zero capacity. The cathode and anode surface are ruined. Meaning you’ve done your job. And even if someone pulls it out of the trash and tries to use it there is little risk of a fire being caused.

Lithium ion and lithium type cylindrical and non pouch cells should be recycled…not tossed in the trash. Recycling centers provided isolation bags for cells like this. Recycling centers do not recycle pouch cells(lipo)