Raphael's Battman BMS - Beta Testing (Last Chance!)

As I mentioned in the other thread, I am making a lot of progress on the Battman BMS, and I’m expecting it to be ready for community testing in a month or so. The initial units will cost around $120 (exact cost will depend on amount of interest). If you are interested in being a beta tester and are certain that you want to order a board, please fill out this form, and I will contact you for more information when it is ready. As I am using it to track quantities I need to order, please only fill it out if you are actually willing to order a board.

I hope to place the initial order in 2-3 weeks, so please fill out the form soon if you are interested. After that, fabrication will take around 4-5 weeks, after which I will test and ship the boards. Note that this is a beta test run, so its purpose is for me to collect any problems, concerns, questions, feature requests, etc. with the (possibly imperfect) board from some real users before releasing a final version to the rest of the community. Let me know if there are any questions!

Here’s the board you will be getting if you order a beta testing version:


What would be the difference between your version and, for instance, the battery support’s bms’s

You can read all about it from the link he posted.

Mainly, his BMS is a “smart” BMS and can actually monitor the cells and other parameters. You can also communicate with the ESC and run other programs on it. It is also a lot smaller and more expensive. It has integrated support for a soft switch and battery capacity meter.

I would love to test your bms out. It would be on one the coolest boards and would get a lot of attention. The board is hand crafted and only needs the bms with a built in soft switch I installed a low amperage switch on the side of my truck but couldn’t find a bms/soft switch combo to fit inside of board. So here’s a few pictures of what I’m referring to. The opening compartment is about 6" long. I do not see the dimensions on your post.



One question is this going to cost the $120 for testing your bms out? What if it fails?

@Eboosted My BMS is basically intended to be the equivalent of the VESC for BMS’s. Everything is software-configurable, and there are a lot of random features integrated into a small board (details are on the other post). It’s also open source and more expensive.

@Glenn The dimensions are on the post in the other thread, it is 3.7"x1". I am only releasing it for beta testing because I am fairly confident that it will work. Signing up for “testing” basically means buying a BMS early so that I can get some feedback and fix any unforeseen problems before officially releasing it. The hardware is basically ready for use, and there will be firmware updates later to add more features and fix bugs. In the case that there is a hardware problem that prevents you from using it under normal circumstances, I will replace it for you when the problem is fixed. If you’re interested, make sure to fill out the form!

What will the retail price be?

I hope to make the final price around $100, but that completely relies on quantity discounts so it will depend on how many orders there are.


Thats great :slight_smile: i just bought a BMS but will probably buy yours after some initial testing is done, good luck :slight_smile:

@raphaelchang, I’m pretty sure I’m in.

But I’d like to clarify 2 things:

I won’t need an anisaprk switch if I use this BMS?

For the beta testers you’ll fix or replace the hardware if it doesn’t work?

Thanks so much, this is awesome work!

I am definitely in would love to have a slim BMS for my 12s6p 4wd build.

The BMS has a precharge circuit built in, so you won’t need an antispark switch. There won’t be any unplugging/replugging of wires if you use the BMS.

If the hardware turns out to be unusable under normal circumstances (unlikely), I will replace the hardware for you after I fix it.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form! I need enough quantity to even place an order, so if there isn’t enough interest for beta testing, it isn’t going to happen.


I am also in for testing. I will fill out the form soon. :slight_smile: Nice to see your fast progress.

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Just want to chime in again that this is really amazing work!

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I hope to initiate the ordering process in about a week, so if you are interested in testing, please fill out the form as soon as possible! If you already filled out the form, I will contact you sometime in the next week for payment and shipping information.

Great news. :+1: Do you get enough interested people?

I did, I’ll start contacting people some time this week or next week.


Any update?

Got a bit distracted the past few weeks, but I’m currently doing final tests on the beta testing version before sending it out for manufacturing, which should be done in the next few days.