Raptor 1.0 Updates

When will the nano x remotes ship to the Raptor 1 customers?

I’m just saying, if I see too many more raptor 2 sale adds a m gonna start feeling over looked


Do we have to email them for it? Or do they have us on a list to get one automatically I wonder?

We get free Nano X remotes?!? I paid for one and still have not received it.

I think that @onloop said that with the last batch of raptors we would be receiving the nano-x remotes. He just didn’t want to hold up the shipping process just to be waiting for a remote.

I think the last Raptor customer’s got the winnings remote and not the steetz one we had in batch one.

True, people who received the winning remotes were told that once the nano x goes live we would be getting them free. The winning remote cuts out all the time for me, definitely keeps me on my toes tho.

I have a first run Raptor that originally came with the Steez(?) remote, which was “upgraded” to the Winning remote (I personally liked the Steez remote better). So seems doubtful I would get a Nano X for free. I paid for one because I don’t like the Winning remote. so hopefully I’ll get it soon.

So your Steez remote broke and you got a winning remote? My Steez broke as well and because I already had a Winnings (junk) I told Enertion that I wait for the new one. So in theory I should get a new one as well :slight_smile:

Not quite. My Steez remote didn’t break. I had an electronics failure and they swapped my remote while they had the board. It’s kinda hard to be mad when they are trying proactively to provide a better experience for their customers (not a lot of companies do this), but I do wish they would have asked me first and given me the choice.

I got a used Raptor on ebay it came with a winning remote should i change it for a nano x? Are you guys having problems with the winning remote?

I would get rid of the winning remote for sure. It had a bunch of issues. Basically a death wish.

Wow that sucks but i dont want to kill myself, what do you recomend that is available right now?