Raptor 1 Deck for sale

Selling my raptor 1 deck

Condition as seen in photos, but is still good tonuses and ride.

Price is $300 AUD, dont minding shipping for what ever the cost of shipping is on top.

Location Sydney Australia.

Here are the photos

20180724_111242 20180724_111304

Danmmm 300 dollar for a used of Version raptor deck… Thats waaay to much

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Its $300 AUD or $215 USD, Not sure what to put up as, but happy to hear any offers and concider.

I think that’s about what the last ones were sold for? They’re becoming a collectors piece…

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Any offers??

Make some pictures of Amy damages and wares please…


20180724_11131620180724_111324 20180724_111332

Let me knownif you think l need anymore

These decks are strong. I weigh 300lbs and I road mine for hundreds of miles with no stress cracks or any issues. I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about a broken Raptor deck.

I want it. Still have it