Raptor 1 DIY motor kit

I currently have the enertion raptor 1 CF deck with space cell battery and enclosure. I am looking for either a prebuilt single motor kit for sale, or maybe someone could build one with a 6374 single motor. Thanks

Please don’t make any more threads but yes I have a 6374 enertion motor kit

I know you do… i wanted to see if any others have it. Bro you dont recognize my username?

Nope sorry man

should be lot of power one of my vesc died so i been riding single 6355 with a 9mm belt and it still takes me over 20mph just take a little longer, i weight +/- 280lbs so a single 6374 with a 12mm belt should get you moving really well

I weigh 140

I have a single 6374 10s3p with 15mm drive kit and it climbs the hills here easy peasy. I also recommend at least 12mm wide belt to avoid skipping under hard braking.