Raptor 1 for sale UK £350 world shipping available

Here she is. Enertion Raptor 1… It’s all there except the belts. Was working fine until the battery has I think been damaged by leaving it on. It will only charge to 50% or so. Essentially you are buying a raptor1 without a battery which will certainly make it easier for shipping. If required I could remove the cells for shipping leaving the BMS etc. It has a working GTB2 controller, handle is there on the side. As seen in the pics there is a dent on the front side. Not structural. There is no Charger. I was going to keep it in the boot of the car but have a load of other boards I’m constantly changing so never use this one. Shipping from the UK at cost. Price is based on cash sale so if PayPal goods and services is used, the fees will need to be covered on the cost of the board and shipping. £400 Price drop, £350

Price drop. £350

This came out before I was in to Esk8. What esc is that? Is the board long? 38" 33"?

Thats a pair of the first enertion vescs. It’s 39" long.

I feel guilty for really wanting this thing…


Please don’t put that battery on a plane

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For sure, anywhere out of Dorset it’ll disassemble it! 39