Raptor 1 Issue: Motor will not rotate, it only jiggles

Hi guys,

I bought a Raptor 1 (dual motor) long time ago, and I have not had any issues with it … until now.

I rode my board today on my way to school, while starting to go up a slight hill it suddenly lost all power. I tried to switch the power off and on again to see if a reboot did the trick. It worked, but only for a short time. After 1-2 minutes of riding, the motor stopped again. Now one motor turns, while the other just kinda jiggles.

I found this post from two years ago, where a guy had the same issue, but it did not look like any solution was posted. Here is the video he posted of the problem (which is identical to my problem):

I have tried to connect my VESC to the BDLC tool and typed faults in the terminal, but it did not detect any faults…

Do any of you have a solution or recommendations for what I should do??


If a motor doesn’t move, don’t apply too much throttle or you’re liable to burn some components. Do FOC detection on both motors and post their values.


something is up with this guy, the reason why the other wheel is “slow-jittering” is because of the traction control.

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oh wait, didnt read the entire post… you are saying one motor turns and the other jitters?

sorry, bit hard to see if the bottom wheel is turning or not

I have read the FOC configurations for both FOC’s: 02 28

Then I did the foc_state in the Terminal: 20 28

I didn’t mean read, but actually do detection. Specifically “Measure R and L” and “Measure Lambda”

Okay, I found it now (I think). The left one rotated, and the right one only jiggled.

And thanks for the quick response BTW! :slight_smile:

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Looks like the Right vesc motor might be shorted. Try turning it by hand, is there resistance when you try to turn it vs the other motor?

The resistance is clearly higher when turning the left vesc motor compared to the right one…

ah, then yea the one with higher resistance is shorted. Now to determind if it’s a short in the motor or the vesc. Disconnect the 3 phase wires from the Vesc and try turning again. If resistance disappears then the VESC is shorted, if it’s still present, then the motor is shorted.

I disconnected the motor that did not rotate (which also had less resistance). It is the one I spin first. It still has less resistance.

The belts are fairly equal tight.

Thanks for all the help so far!


Less resistance and probably.shorted. U could rewind it. If u go to rcgroups u can read many threads on doing that. Lrk winding is the easiest. And the battle harden it for protection. Or get another motor close to the same kv