Raptor 1 VESC shut down on 'R-Spec' Mode

Hey as of late I’ve experienced VESC resetting when in R-spec mode only when high amp draw situations happen. I’m curious if my vesc settings have reset or anything anyone would add

6355 190kv dual setup 10s3p motor

All stock raptor 1 setup outside of 97mm abec 11 wheels.

Curious if I should make any changes to settings or if the extra draw of the 97 mm wheels is causing the VESCs to reset. Here is a screen shot. If any other info is needed let me know.

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Limit max rpm to 60k

Possible that your batteries are sagging below cutoff at high load? Got any ride charts?

The battery does sag but it will do this even on a bench test at a full charge.

How much does it sag on the bench…that’s not good

It will drop about 12 percent on the initial jump and settle at a 6 percent sag when at full speed on the bench. Seems like it’s been about like this since I got it.

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Get a Bluetooth module to monitor things. It’s probably the battery tho

I can understand it shutting off if the battery dropped to a certain extent but I can’t see it sagging from 100 to shut off rate right out of the gate on the bench.

I think I’ve read of other raptor batteries going bad. 25rs aren’t that great and 10s3p is small for a dual. I have same cells in 12s4p format and they sag a bunch. Going to upgrade that pack soon. Bluetooth module is cheap and ackmaniacs app is free

check your vesc capacitors, i had mine fail on my Raptor and i could not fully accelerate or the vesc would shut off, after i replaced the caps this thing rips again.

How do you check the capacitors?

I’m a little worried about that.

in my case one of the soldered leads was broken off the capacitor i was able to move the capacitor up off the pcb. in theory i could have soldered it back but i had already ordered new capacitors from Axel. Also if the capacitor looks “puffed” up its bad the metal cap on top should be completely flat if its domed or puffed its bad.

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Capacitors all look good to go and solidly connected.

Bump this to the top. Weather is finally getting good again and looking to ride.

Again rides fine in normal mode but switching to R spec mode the VESC shut down riding and on the bench test as well.

I have the same problem with my Bolt Motion. I have two speeds. At slower speed, everything is great. At faster speed, the board resets often (every 30 seconds?). Even more frequently going up a hill. Not sure what the problem is either. Any luck? Did you try the capacitor thing?

Still haven’t figured it out. Capacitors seem fine.