Raptor 2.1 Feedback

Hi guys @barajabali @CarlCollins

thought I give some feedback about my raptor 2.1 and my experience with enertion in general. Overall I am very happy I finally got my hands on it and it looks well built. But I have a few comments to make. Its very early as I just got it this morning.

VERY fast UPS shipping - 4 days including weekend from HongKong to Switzerland. Well done!

First off the right front wheel has a very bad wobble and I thought we got past these wobble issues - not looking like it. Carl is telling me I have to wait until march for new wheels - thats not really acceptable and wheels are in stock on enertions website.

Enertion also forgot to send me the spare wheels and remote that I ordered with my raptor 2.1. Sad because I would have had wheels to exchange the wobbly front wheels then… everything is listed stock on the website so what gives?

Had a short chat with someone at the Enertion website. Fast, good information. Liked it.

Other than that my raptor 2.1 looks quite well… not perfect but alright:

  • there are scratches on my board (they say its a manufacturing issue and every raptor2.1 is affected)
  • my front truck has a small chip in the paint. would really love to see these trucks anodized instead.
  • only one of the supposed 2 layers of wood are dyed blue - the other one is natural wood with a hint of blue

the Enertion remote is much better than anticipated. We all know its a kind of nano remote v2 but its sturdier (better plastic housing) and at least the throttle wheel is not crooked like on the nano. good spring tension, I like it a lot so far.

push to start feature is not working yet. don’t know if this still an upcoming feature or it should work already. its activated in the unity app but the board does not power up after a push.

I don’t get the firmware feature of the app - where and how can I update the unity firmware? is there a tutorial?

First ride was very short because I just can’t push it with that very bad wobbling front wheel. But performance is good - not shocking at all but good. My diy 12s4p dual belt 6374 has a lot more torque but I really like the smoothness of the r-spec mode. Could use stronger brakes.


I am able to arrange a replacement for you but I’m not sure if they will be without any wobble issue Also, February will be off for China, That’s why I said March 2019 as worst case scenario

If China is off for holiday in February, how are you guys shipping in February?

Thanks Carl. I guess in this case my ordered spare wheels are taking longer too right?

Should have some TB frontwheels somewhere. So lets wait till wobblefree wheels are available.

Going for a freezing night ride tonight :slight_smile:

Hello @McErono

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

First of all I am very sorry your were sent a set of wobbling wheels. I know Carl is going to take care of that issue for you ASAP.

I find that you need to kick to start to maybe 7-9 mph before the raptor will engage. Have you tried this? Also you will need to be sure that it is enabled in the tool.

You can either use the Andriod app (Not ideal) OR you can use the PC version. You will need to connect to the Unity with a USB C cable and the firmware can be updated right in the app. https://www.enertionboards.com/focbox-speed-controller/focbox-unity-dual-motor-foc-controller-esc/

Scroll down to the specs area and you should click the Focbox UI Windows link.

I would like to see pictures of these. Not the wobbly wheel, but the other stuff.

Maybe it is significant, but my guess is it is not. I can find imperfections in any product I have purchased. EVER.


Hi Bara, by not ideal, you mean like cumbersome? Or am I missing options/configs/…? As the app will be the one I will be using for all of my 3 unities. Thx

No it works fine but its not great for updating firmware as it takes a long time for the file to load I suppose and then the signal drops out.

Its great for config purposes though

Fine and “could drop out mid-OTA update” aren’t really in the same category to me.

But you do you!

On a serious note, perhaps a compiled list of current known issues or things to look out for with this brand new drop of hardware/software might be of use to builders here.

Personally, my expectations are pretty firmly set when it comes to testing out first revision hardware. There’s a certain amount of responsibility anyone accepts when they purchase brand new hardware, but knowing what are known issues being worked on currently vs random Gremlins in the system can be really helpful for those troubleshooting their first builds.


@barajabali thank you bara!

7-9mph - I was just pushing once, hard, but nowhere near 7-9mph! thats quite a lot… life is to short for… you know. :sweat_smile:

I expected the unity mobile app to go online and tell me if my firmware is up to date. if not it should download the latest version. At the moment I think the app seems offline only and only manual firmware updates are possible? I also can‘t find a version number of the current firmware installed. Is 3.41 out yet?

for the rest - no really no guys. a few minor scratches and a tiny chip in one truck that is going to be there anyway after the first ride, don‘t ruin any reputation nor my board. And I kind of like the undyed layer… My TB stuff doesn‘t look different brand new (worse for that matter - totally scratched enclosure, motors) and it is certainly not ruining anything.

the wobbly wheels is something else… must be really annoying for enertion (known for months and visited the factory) and a damn ecological disaster :frowning:

btw. the griptape is not centered on the deck - could be improved as well and I would like the griptape to cover the whole deck to the edges.

The wobbly wheels is a big problem.

If enertion were my company I’d express ship my customer a new set of wheels free of wobble immediately and take the loss.

I can’t have my customer receiving their brand new board and not be able to ride it.


we are going to do the same once we have the wobble free wheels :slight_smile:


I experienced the same problem and can confirm enertion @CarlCollins sent me replacement wheels not once but 3 times. Yes there are wobbly wheels but to their credit enertion replaces them till you are happy. I also found that the 100mm crossovers and 90mm wheels had little to no wobble but the 97mm were the worst for wobbling. I did get a lot of wheels too. Durability wise I have been using them for several hundred km and they are wearing very well so it seems they have got the urethane formula down now.


Yeah the Unity on my DIY is the same I had to push it quite hard and takes some time before it boots up and connects. I got off my board thinking it didn’t work after the 3rd try to see it was on. Imo the kick push to start is a bit inconvenient it’s much easier to reach down and turn it on via the switch and then you know it’s fully on and calibrated before you step foot on the baord.

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Hi @CarlCollins, i have a brand new raptor kit 2.1 too and i have wobbly wheel as well… i have take video for you can you help me out ? Thanks!


Sure I will, PM me the video of the wobble

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Thanks man !

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Huh that’s weird, I don’t see wheels available on your site? What’s the deal?

My guess would be waiting for a new batch?

Ah… good point.